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    Lamix Platinum Plus Pro 5 Review

    Hello Gents, In a previous post in another thread I mentioned that I bought 4 tucks of these very obscure blades. After two shaves I guess it's time for a review. On the website the pictures show cardboard tucks, and it is mentioned on them that they are made in Germany. However, the ones I...
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    Seagull blades

    Has anybody else heard of these blades? I searched the forum and found very scarce references. The only things I found is that they are carbon steel and not good.😛😀 I bought a pack of these from a guy who was selling it on the street. I bought it purely as a novelty and for display. I do not...
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    Diamonds Pro Excell-a review

    Greetings gents, I found these blades on razorbladeclub when placing an order and they piqued my interest. Searched but found almost no information on the web about them. Even on B&B I only found an old post that mentioned them in passing and said they were made in Turkey. On the box only a...
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    Anyone else use or know these?

    I've been meaning to create a thread about some really cheap synthetic brushes that I found and bought. I like the color scheme and the really large size. They're made by a company called Ameca from France. I paid the equivalent of about 2.5 USD for each.They make a ton of lather and are ideal...
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    How do you store your razors ?

    I am using the STR8 boxes that come with aftershaves and EDTs. I've bought and used several aftershaves from STR8 over the years and I always knew that those boxes would come in handy some day. They're metallic and have cushioning inside, can hold just about any DE razor comfortably, with space...
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    Two types of Gilette Platinum?

    Hello, I've recently bought a type of Gillette Platinum blade that I've never seen online and it seems nobody talks about them. Only found them in one place in a mall. If you look in the pictures there is a comparison between the standard package Platinums and this one which is light blue. The...
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