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    Neck XTG - Any ideas?

    Hey gents! I'm down to a point in which I'm very comfy shaving with a SR and can achieve good results consistently. There is just the one thing keeping me from BBS, and that is a fun stripe of hair that grows in my neck horizontally, starting at the external part of the neck towards the center...
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    Failing at setting the bevel correctly

    Hey all! I'm pretty puzzled as I've been consistently failing to set the bevel on my very first SR. I got this a few years ago, and seldom got to use it as it was not shave ready (which I ignored back in the day). Quite a few years have passed and I wanted to hone it, however I'm failing at...
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    Cheap whetstone set on sale

    Hey all! Over the last few weeks my supplies were damaged/lost so I'm starting to replace some of them as my shaves got increasingly harder and I had to revert to a shavette until I can get my hone on. Just purchased a pretty nifty set on amazon to replace my coarse stones and it has a few...
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    First shavette shave!

    Hey all! After a while of toying around with honing and restoring straights while picking up my SR technique, I found a great deal on a shavette and got one as a "control group" to benchmark the above. I havent had such a bloody shave in a month or so :p I believe I must be applying a lot more...
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    Any recs for a strop and a brush in Oz / Nz

    G'day fellas! Both my strop and brush have served me well for the past 4 years however they suffered the pain of being my first ones so they are pretty ready for retirement. Do you have any suggestion on what to get, preferably from a local vendor? I'm not after anything fancy, just sturdy good...
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    Shaving Mug feedback?

    Hey all! Hope you are doing great. I received a shaving mug (Geo F Trumper) as a gift a while back. Would you gents mind sharing your experience with them? I find soap goes all over the place when using the puck on top of it!! Cheers
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    Perfecting your technique as you perfect your honing

    Is hard. Lots of troubleshooting to be done and it's always an interesting exercise to tell opportunities for technique improvement over a dull razor. Today I shaved with the newest project I've been working with (No scales, but can ping / cut arm hair without touching the skin) and just the...
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    Looking for advise on bevel setting

    Hey all! I gave lapping film and honing from scratch a go for the first time yesterday (Longish read here if you are interested!) Today I received some sandpaper in the mail so I set up a 100 sheet on top of my acrylic base and have been trying to get a sharp bevel for quite a while doing...
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    First lapping film attempt

    Hey all! Reporting in after my first attempt. Found a few prospects at a local flea market and decided to start with this Bengall razor. Bevel: I started attempting to set the bevel with a freshly lapped cheap 400 grit stone I had as I forgot to order 30m paper. I attempted the burr method but...
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    Scale making and 3d printing... Thoughts?

    Hey all! Been reading some of the posts created by very talented fellas who managed to get their first scales and I was wondering, has anyone tried to 3d print scales for easy pinning practice?? Would love to hear everyone's input. Cheers. Cheers!
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    First restoration prospect...

    Hey all, I got this SR from my old man a while ago thinking I'd try and restore it further down the road. The rust doesn't concern me much but there is quite a bit of edge missing. Would it be possible to even it out while resetting the bevel with a coarse film / using my 400 /1000 cheapo...
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    Starting the restoration hobbie. What *Not* to get?

    Hey gents, I hope you are doing great! I recently joined B&B and have been doing some research as I want to start restoring SRs as a hobby. I found this great post by @seattleshaver where he advises the following: These are some great pointers! Do you have any other suggestions on what not...
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    Hey everyone / Retailer question

    Hey fellas I hope you are getting ready for a fantastic weekend and you and your loved ones are safe from the 'Rona. My name is Seb, and I've been lurking razor/honing related forums for quite a bit but was never very active. With isolation and all I picked up straight shaving once again (after...
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