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    Fat Boy vs. Fat Guy razor

    So, I'm the OP of this thread. And I wasn't trying to make anyone "remorseful about their purchase before they get it"...... I was asking if the experience I had with my fatguy was what would be expected in a fatboy. I was trying to decide if this was just the way this style of razor shaved...
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    Fat Boy vs. Fat Guy razor

  3. D

    Fat Boy vs. Fat Guy razor

    I tried the fat guy on 3 and not enough efficiency. I hear you on the 6s smoothness. I also love a Parker Variant set at 5 with a feather and that has a lot of blade feel. I’ve got the game changer .84 too and I love that razor. The fat guy just feels like it’s always pinching me regardless...
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    Fat Boy vs. Fat Guy razor

    I agree on Nick Shabazz. He can be overly critical and that voice makes me cringe but he is definitely objective.
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    Fat Boy vs. Fat Guy razor

    Thanks for all the comments guys. I'll just go with the real thing from now on.
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    Bought a Fatboy, doesn't adjust

    You could always send it off to razor emporium for a service.
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    Fat Boy vs. Fat Guy razor

    OK. I should have just bought a fatboy but I fell for the youtubers tales of wonder of what these fat guys were going to be back in April.....Fatboy's just seem like they've gotten too expensive. I'll probably just stick to my 6s and my gamechanger and be happy.
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    Fat Boy vs. Fat Guy razor

    Hey everyone. After waiting forever to receive a GSC fatguy razor. Then the one I got was defective and had to get a new one. I'm having a lot of trouble with the razor. I'm not sure if its unique to the fat guy or if this is how the fatboy behaves as well. I cannot shave with this fatguy...
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    DE Razor Polishing/Cleaning/Maintenance etc - Tips & Tricks - Products

    There was a video on razor emporiums YT channel about this. Need to be careful with vintage especially plated razors. The plating is VERY thin and can be rubbed off easily. Do NOT use a dremel tool. Try soap and water and scrubbing bubbles or something like that. You can try a little...
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    Poll: do you have one favorite razor or do you prefer rotation?

    I rotate every once in a while but the two razors always on my sink are my 6s and my gamechanger .84.
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    whats better for controlling de razors? short or long handles?

    That's like the old Ford vs Chevy argument. Every one has an opinion and none is better. It's more of a personal preference thing. You can go buy a couple cheap handles of some different sizes and see what you think.
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    Global Shave Club....Beware....

    Now the youtubers are all pimping a new global shave razor which is just a rebranded and repriced razor from aliexpress.
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    Razor storage?

    I keep the two I generally use in a stand on the sink. The rest I keep in a canvas watch roll that I keep in a dresser.
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    Merkur 34C or Travel?

    I use the gillette heritage from Amazon as my travel. Comes in the nice case. I also have a kit you can get on razor emporium that comes in a canvas pouch. It's a remake of an old prewar ball tip I believe.
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    rockwell 6s

    I've really taken to the perma sharp in my 6s. Nacet and Silver Blue works very well too.
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    Used shaving soaps

    I hear you. I realize it's soap and soap is used to clean things but heck, you don't know what the last guy did. Maybe he liked to watch porn while holding his soap. Obviously that's extreme but there's a lot of sick people out there. That coupled with the fact that someone is selling soap...
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    Used shaving soaps

    Thanks for all the comments guys. I think that if someone is selling a tub of CK6 PAA soap for $20 and I can get a brand new one for $25 I'll pay for the new. Doesn't seem to me at least that the $5 savings is worth it.
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    Used shaving soaps

    What are peoples thoughts about purchasing used shaving soaps? Right now in the environment we are in this seems like a horrific thing to do. I recently joined a shaving Buy/Sell FB group and there's all kinds of soaps on there from slightly used to half gone. On top of that, the prices...
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    What razor/blade did you use today

    Just got a gamechanger .84 in the mail. Been using that every day trying to figure out what blade works best for me in it. Unfortunately so far it seems like the pol silvers which I don't have many left of.
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    Rad kicking in what is the opinion on the Rex Envoy?

    I've resisted buying the envoy because I feel that if you get that you'll want the ambassador and get it anyway too. May as well just save up a little more and buy the ambassador.
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