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  1. Khayes2350

    FS Focus Dynamic R48, Oleo Sandy Cheeks, Stubble Buster Grunge, Drakkar Noir & Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male

    Focus Dynamic R48, Oleo Sandy Cheeks (Lathered Twice), Stubble Buster Grunge (Le Male Scent Two Soaps smashed into one container) $32 Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male 125ml (New) Drakkar Noir 30ml (New) Take both for $53 shipped I accept paypal only f&f is preferred but if you are not...
  2. Khayes2350

    WTB Razorock Eco Black

    Really looking to pick up a Razorock Eco in Black if anyone has one for sale thank you!
  3. Khayes2350

    FS Software Lot & Schick Type I Injector

    For sale I have Gillette Pure Barbasol Sensitive Skin Non Aerosol Stubble Buster Grunge (Le Male Scent) 2 soaps smashed into one container Gillette AS Razorock XXX AS Bump Patrol Lather Shaving Cream Arko Comfort Shaving Cream Arko Stick Venture AS Balm (Aventus) AoS Sandalwood Cream...
  4. Khayes2350

    FT Looking for Personna Injector Blades

    Looking to trade some items I have for Personna Injector Blades, thanks! I have: Razorock XXX AS Oleo Sandy Cheeks Soap Arko Shaving Sticks Milton Lloyd (Vintage Le Male Clone) Milton Lloyd (Vintage Kouros Clone) Bowling Green Edt 125ml (New) Bump Patrol Shaving Cream 4oz Stubble Buster...
  5. Khayes2350

    FS Injector & DE Sets, Focus Dynamic R48 & Eau De Rochas Edt

    I've got two sets for sale Gillette Injector, Fine Italian Citrus, & Mitchell's Wool Fat $22 shipping included Gillette Tech, Fine Italian Citrus, & Mitchell's Wool Fat $22 shipping included Focus Dynamic R48 Red $38 or best offer Eau De Rochas Edt $27 or best offer Will gladly trade for...
  6. Khayes2350

    FS Soap Lot & Fragrances

    For sale I have a soap lot consisting of Oleo Sandy Cheeks (New), Stubble Buster Grunge (2 soaps smashed into 1 container), Caties Bubbles Spanish Holiday (sample taken out), & Mitchell's Wool Fat (Lathered 3-5 times) Lot is $45 shipped or best offer I also have a fragrance lot of Issey...
  7. Khayes2350

    FS Paco Rabbane Pour Homme, Old Spice Edt, Mitchell's Wool Fat, CC Venture, Razorock XXX, AoS Sandalwood for Sale

    Hope everyone is doing well I've got a few things I was looking to sell today Paco Rabbane Pour Homme 125ml (New) & Old Spice Edt 125ml (New) $28 shipped for both US Captains Choice Venture, Razorock XXX, Mitchell's Wool Fat, & AoS Sandalwood Cream for sale take all four soaps for $30 shipped...
  8. Khayes2350

    FS Acqua Di Parma Colonia, Bvlgari Man in Black, Soap Pairs, & Assorted Lot

    Up for sale I've got 2 fragrances and an assorted lot Acqua Di Parma Colonia 100 ml $55 shipped Bvlgari Man in Black 100ml $55 shipped Take them both for 100 Soap Pairs: Stubble Buster Grunge smells like Le Male (Lathered Once) & Mitchell's Wool Fat (New) $20 shipped Stubble Buster...
  9. Khayes2350

    FT Looking for Mitchell's Wool Fat & an Alum Block

    Was looking to trade for some Mitchell's Wool Fat and an alum block, thanks ! I have: Razorock The Emperor Arko/Palmolive Shave Sticks Perfume Parlour Fragrances Stubble Buster Grunge Soap Gucci Made to Measure Shaving Gel
  10. Khayes2350

    FT Looking for Focus Dynamic R48, Focus Dynamic R50 or Broman Razor

    Was hoping to trade for an R48 and/or a Broman Razor if possible please!
  11. Khayes2350

    FT Looking for Gillette Sensor handles & Mach3, Sensor Excel, SkinGuard Carts

    Was looking to pick up some Gillette Sensor Handles & Gillette Cartridges I've got the following for trade Razorock Amici Soap CRSW American Barbershop Soap Razorock Blue Barbershop AS Summer Break Soaps Prom King Soap Schick Type I Injector & 15 Schick Blades Razorock 400 Aluminum...
  12. Khayes2350

    FSOT Schick Injector Adjustable & Gillette Platinum Plus Injector Blades

    Was looking to sell this Schick Adjustable Injector in great condition for $28 shipped I also have 53 Gillette Platinum Plus Injector Blades I'd be willing to sell for $25 as well you can take everything for $50 shipped, thank you for your time Trades I am interested in: Zingari Man the...
  13. Khayes2350

    FSOT Software Lot, WK Rebelle, Gillette Spoiler Blades

    Software Lot for sale everything here is pretty much brand new $28 shipped Wholly Kaw Rebelle (Newest Formula) Never used by me, looks brand new $25 shipped Add On: Gillette Super Stainless Spoiler Blades 10 $6 Trades I am interested in: Personna Injector Blades WSP...
  14. Khayes2350

    FSOT Den Thinning Lot for Sale

    I've got some things I was hoping to sell or trade, take everything for $45 shipped, thank you! Trades I am interested in: 1. Martin De Candre Original Soap 2. Art of Shaving Sandalwood 3. Furbo Blu or Reserve Cool AS 4. Barrister and Mann Waves 5. PannaCrema Nuavia Blu Lot includes...
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