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  1. Al Bundy

    Warming soaps - deliberate....?

    I'm aware that products containing ingedients such as menthol or peppermint are designed to have a cooling effect but when a product has a warming effect is this deliberate or an unintended reaction to something in it? I don't class myself has having particularly sensitive skin (I have a little...
  2. Al Bundy

    Al Bundy's Entry to the Hall of Fame

    What is your real name? Paul What are your nicknames/aliases? Al Bundy Where do you live? Midlands, UK What is your age (or) generation? 48 What are you in the real world? Sports Coach What is your favorite shave setup? Fatip Piccolo Mk.1 Vulfix 2235 Silvertip Phoenix & Beau Spitfire What...
  3. Al Bundy

    Daily skin care - the forgotten variable?

    Much has been written on pre shave and post shave routines but recently I have been convinced that appropriate daily skin care can make a notable improvement. The background: For as long as I care to remember I have suffered from rosacea to a lesser or greater degree. The switch from carts &...
  4. Al Bundy

    My impression of Muhle R41

    "I'm sorry, I don't do impressions. My training is in psychiatry." Dr. Stone 1982 Sorry, couldn't resist... Ok, so I've been curious about this razor for a while now so when I saw one going at a good price a few weeks back...
  5. Al Bundy

    Feather Artst Club Blades

    I've had a Feather AC SS for a while now which I bought with a pack of the Pro Guard blades. I only use it once a week for "straight razor Saturday" but I'm getting relatively proficient with it now to the extent I can usually get DFS/BBS in 3 passes with little or no irritation. Due to the...
  6. Al Bundy

    Variable performance...

    Loaded a new blade yesterday, my usual gillette 7 o'clock yellow. Shave was variable - one side fine, the other side, well, very much not fine. Completed just using the good side then came to change the blade for a new one today and found this: Rusty on one edge! Anyone come across this before?
  7. Al Bundy

    Slant razors

    Is there anything in terms of technique that needs to be done differently with a slant or is it just the same as using a regular razor?
  8. Al Bundy

    First good synthetic

    My previous experiences with synthetics have not been good but in fairness they were small and fairly inexpensive. I regularly read threads about how good synthetics can be so finally pulled the trigger on the oft recommended Yaqi tuxedo which arrived today. Looks and feels gorgeous so looking...
  9. Al Bundy

    My first convert!

    So having spent the last couple of years extolling the virtues of traditional wet shaving to all and sundry, usually to find out that most people can't be bothered to even think about the possibility of improving on their current regime, I finally discovered I have had my first convert from...
  10. Al Bundy

    Term for different quantities of blades

    The word "tuck" is used commonly around here to describe a multiple of 5 blades but can anyone remember the names for other quantities? I recall reading something a while back but for the life of me I can't find it now and Google is being very unhelpful...
  11. Al Bundy

    Alternative/replacement fpr OSP Barbershop

    A while ago I decided to choose one soap to be my go to daily software that I would use 4ish days of the week, and use the other 3 days for variety. The one I chose was OSP barbershop due to it's ingredient list (tallow, lanolin etc), quality of use (fabulous) and scent (not sure what a...
  12. Al Bundy

    Timeless Bronze OC - will I like?

    So, my birthday is approaching and was considering asking for a Timeless Bronze OC 0.78. I realise no one can give me a definitive yes/no to my question but am looking for opinions from those that have one. I have a Fatip Piccolo MK1, which I use most days, so I'm no stranger to efficient...
  13. Al Bundy

    New Ted Baker Products

    Having a meander through my (most) local branch of John Lewis this afternoon and happened upon what appeared to be a new range of traditional wetshaving products from TB on a display table. My first thoughts were "hmm, designer label = vastly inflated price tag", and to some degree this held...
  14. Al Bundy

    Too much hydration?

    Hydration of the hair is a pretty much universally accepted principle but is it possible to take it too far? At present I am once again suffering from a rotten cold. Due to this, the first thing I did after breakfast yesterday was get my head over a steaming bowl of Vicks in hot water to clear...
  15. Al Bundy

    Any info?

    Picked up an old straight razor in box in a local antique shop but having trouble finding anything about it. I quickly determined that the box does not match the razor. The box is marked Wingfield & Rowbotham which I have found some info about quite easily. However the razor itself is stamped...
  16. Al Bundy

    Best tasting soaps

    So much is said about the best smelling soaps but very little about the best tasting soaps. Accordingly I’ve spent a little time sampling the ones I have and here are my findings: 1. In general the flavour of tallow based soaps is preferable to vegan ones. 2. Soaps with citrus essential oils...
  17. Al Bundy

    Care of TTO's

    What are everyones thoughts on the care and maintenance of TTO razors? WIth a 3 piece I disassemble once a week and then: 1. Clean in hot water and washing up liquid using soft toothbrush 2. Dry then dip all parts in surgical spirit 3. Dry again then oil threads 4. Reassemble Also, do TTO...
  18. Al Bundy

    New king of smooth

    Although I am very happy with my daily go to blade (Gillette 7 o'clock Sharp Edge (yellow)) I still, from time to time, experiment with trying others just to further my depth of experience. I've experienced sharp blades, smooth blades, horrible blades and just so so ones. Up until now the oft...
  19. Al Bundy

    BBS with Artist Club :)

    So my Christmas prezzie for 2018 was a Feather Artist Club SS which I have been using once or twice a week when I have time and DE shaving the remainder. From the very first go I knew this was better then my previous attempt at using an (admittedly very budget) shavette but knew it would take...
  20. Al Bundy

    Sharp vs smooth

    A comment was made a couple of times recently in another thread that many people mistake sharpness and smoothness I didn't think I did myself but, as a relative newcomer, there is certainly a possibility. With that in mind, what is the generally accepted definition of the two qualities? For...
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