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  1. shm


    A handful of Semogue brushes :D Three Galahad C3: Premium Boar, Premium Boar IT & Finest Badger. Two Pharos C3 Black Horse
  2. shm

    June Photo Challenge - Close

    Trying to come up with another challenge that should be possible to do in a restricted environment. Close; get close to something. Close doesn't mean it has to be a macro shot, macro shots are welcome but not required. This challenge can be done with any equipment capable of taking a photo...
  3. shm

    May Photo Challenge - Silhouette

    Depending on where you live, I understand that some people still have their movements restricted, so I think I have found a challenge that can be done pretty much everywhere: take a photo of whatever subject you desire just make it a silhouette. And in case you need a little help, here is a...
  4. shm

    The Panama Canal (2014)

    Sorry, but I might have been a little enthusiastic on the photo-adding :blushing: - anyway here we go Coming from the Pacific side. Puente de Las Américas at about 07:20 am (Panama City) Preparing the locomotives for work Two ships in the first set of locks When the lock doors are closed...
  5. shm

    February 2020 Photo Challenge: Light

    While the Northern hemisphere is waiting for the daylight to return, I thought it could be fun to make the challenge about light. Let light be the star of the photo in any way you interpret it; it could be a high-key photo, a sun ray, a lamp post, something really bright - it is all up to you...
  6. shm

    My latest Gold Dollar 66 modification

    A couple of weeks ago I suddenly got the urge to do another GD modification - it has been a long time since I did one. For this one, I wanted to keep it pretty simple, but also challenge myself (a little) on my preferences. I really like wood with a lot of grain and most often it can be found...
  7. shm

    SOTD "FREE WEEK" December 16th - December 22nd, 2019

    2019-12-16 Ikea Bowl ¤ Vie-Long American Style ¤ 6/8" Gold Dollar 66 TFS Ciotola Rossa ¤ Myrsol F./Extra ¤ Scuderia Ferrari Red EDT
  8. shm

    Seeking backpack advise/recommendation

    After I have upgraded my camera and a couple of my lenses, my on-the-go camera bag has become too small (Lowepro Nova 2) and my transport bag (Hama Caddy F180) is too unhandy. Both of them are shoulder bags which isn't optimal when I am out and about for several hours, so I am looking for a...
  9. shm

    August photo challenge: Diagonal

    Alright; the challenge for August is your interpretation of "diagonal". I will refrain from posting photos because I don't want to direct the ideas in a particular direction or to be of a certain type. And as always: The photograph must be yours, taken recently Only one entry. The challenge...
  10. shm

    Meet-up of American cars

    The village I live in has an American Car Club and in cooperation with one or two other similar clubs they (apparently) hold an annual meet-up taking turns organising it in the respective towns - this year it was right on my doorstep and with free admittance there was no valid excuse not to...
  11. shm

    Panorama day

    My car had a bad injector and I had to have it replaced, so when I finally got the car back this afternoon, I thought it would be a good excuse to take it for a drive and test the engine - bringing my camera as well :wink: I am having fun making panoramas (maybe too much :1eye:), but if you...
  12. shm

    Trying to be a creatice copy-cat

    I recently saw a Youtube video with photographer Gavin Hoey, where he creates a picture of a wireless lighted light bulb. It looked like fun, so I thought I would try copying it. I don't have a dimmer (yet), so I had to fiddle a little more to recreate the picture. In order to keep the...
  13. shm

    Review: Eddie's Barber, Prague

    I have just had 5 wonderful days in Prague (my first visit to the city), and during my stay there, I decided to pamper myself with a traditional hot towel shave at Eddie’s Barber. It was a really nice experience, from entering the barber shop with its wooden plank floor and large industrial...
  14. shm

    Street photography - take two

    I have been running around in my village for two reasons; first and foremost to get some practice of street photography and secondly to try out my sling strap - which is great compared to the complimentary strap. This will definitely be used a lot in the future. There is room for improvement...
  15. shm

    October Challenge: Curves

    If there is something I find very pleasing for the eye, it is curves. Man made or natural doesn't really matter, so for this month's challenge I would like to see your take on curves. I have an example from a small church I came by the other day - a window with several curvy lines. And as...
  16. shm

    First dedicated "street photography" shoot

    I've seen lots of great street shots both here and on the web, but it is nothing I have given any thoughts of doing myself (there is people involved) - until this month's challenge forced me to :scared: So I decided the other day, as the forecast predicted good weather today, to give it a try...
  17. shm

    Thank you shaveitoff

    I would just like to express my gratitude to a true gentleman; shaveitoff In the Photo of the Day thread I expressed quite a liking to this photo and shaveitoff very kindly said I could just contact him for a Hi-res edition. I sent him a PM expressing that I would like to take up the offer and...
  18. shm

    Just driving around

    Here some shots from yesterday evening, when I was just driving around the vicinity of my village for about 1½ hour. ISO 400, f/10 @ 1/200 sec. 100 mm The next two is taken from the same position, different zoom ISO 400, f/13 @ 1/160 sec. 18 mm ISO 400, f/13 @ 1/640 sec. 100 mm...
  19. shm

    Advice for macro lens

    I got some cash that's close to burn my pocket, so I better spent them before it happens :biggrin1: I have to options; an air conditioning for my apartment or a macro lens in the region of 100 mm. No relation whatsoever between the two options, but I'm leaning towards the macro lens, as it...
  20. shm

    Gold Dollar competition "tester"

    As this is not my entry for the Gold Dollar competition I wouldn't spam the competition with it, but is still has a connection to it though, as it was my "tester" I ended up doing new scales for as well, it wasn't in the plan but there you go :tongue_sm I tried bluing the steel, but it didn't...
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