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  1. romsitsa

    Question about cleaning my 1967 black handle Super Speed

    Hello! Make sure the solution used in the ultrasonic won't harm anodised aluminum and it will be ok. If you want to clean the outside of the razor, some dishwashing liquid, water and a toothbrush should be enough.
  2. romsitsa

    ID help

    The pins could be ok. Some New improveds had rounded, others bullet type pins. https://www.mr-razor.com/Rasierer/New%20Improved/1928%20Milady%20Decolletee%20Parisienne.JPG
  3. romsitsa

    potential Gem Featherweight issue

    The rivets of the handle are loose, so the spring won't tighten the door down. I'd try to tighten the rivets, if it doesn't help, bend the wings (spring) up a bit with the door removed.
  4. romsitsa

    ID help

    Hard to say, most likely a Gillette clone. Case could be a late Gillette pocket case, blade box is a "fake", the razors head could be an early (wide shoulder) Tuckaway/Milady, but the stamps doesn't look like Gillette ones, the handle is based on the Tuckaway handle, but is longer.
  5. romsitsa

    Your rarest razor

    Custom, until I stamp matching serials on all parts and replate it...
  6. romsitsa

    Adjustable full stainless steel de safety razors

    Ss adjustables, like Rex Ambassador (good grip) or Rocnel Sailor (didn’t try it) are over 80g. But technically all razors can be adjusted with a light twist of the screw.
  7. romsitsa

    Your rarest razor

    As far as I know the only two piece SC.
  8. romsitsa

    The Janus Modern Toggle Limited Edition (51) Review

    Clever upcycling. Also shows how huge the Janus is.
  9. romsitsa

    New Improved info??

    Hello, the case belongs to a Single ring, the lining of the sides are later replacements, original was silk, like the top panel. New improveds are not aggressive, imho, more direct than later Gillettes but still mild and efficient.
  10. romsitsa

    Gillette Fatboy - broken or fine?

    I'd say the center rod or insert is worn out. The inside of the TTO knob is threaded, another threaded insert fits into it. The center rod sits in the insert and moves when the knob is turned. So it can't/shouldn't move around infinitely. Some pics of a Slim, the mechanism is the same...
  11. romsitsa

    1937 Gillette Sheraton

    My Sheraton was overly mild, my Senator is just perfect.
  12. romsitsa

    New Improved info??

    Hello, as far as I know British serials are not documented, but given the low serial I'd say it's most likely from the first year of production. 1921, if New improved production started in England that year. 1917 is the year when the patent was granted in England. For the case, it could be...
  13. romsitsa

    Gillette Tech Home Replate

    Nice job!
  14. romsitsa

    Advice on vintage HD Rockets much appreciated.

    TTO production in Berlin is highly unlikely during the 50ies-60ies. Lack of a made in stamp can be found on Canadian, French and German Gillette TTO-s, but it doesn't mean that these razor were local manufactures. England produced enough TTO-s for the former empire, Europe an parts of South...
  15. romsitsa

    Advice on vintage HD Rockets much appreciated.

    Hello, technically those razors are not Rockets. The No 54 and later No 54a sets were Rocket sets, the razors didn't have a specific name, like Aristocrats. The German Nr. 57 set contained a razor called Parat (short for Rasierapparat), the same razor can be found in British No 54a sets. The all...
  16. romsitsa

    Vintage TTO OC razor identification

    I opt for India. Can't remember the name, but there was a Slim doppelganger with the exactly same base plate. And imho this mish-mash of features (Super slim twist and Sticky) is also more prominent on razors made in India.
  17. romsitsa


  18. romsitsa


    Anytime, glad it worked.
  19. romsitsa


    Push the spring in with a toothpick and turn the dial to the right until the gap looks ok and the razor will adjust, release the spring. Start with a full turn, but it could take more than one.
  20. romsitsa


    Hello, if the dial is on 9 it's not stuck on 1, it's underclocked. If you push in the spring, the adjustment dial can spin freely. Looks like someone turned it all the way down.
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