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  1. RhoCurly

    Question regarding cleaning swarf from pasted strop.

    Is swarf buildup on a leather strop something that should be cleaned off, and if so, what is the best method? I have a Rolls Razor that was unused when I got it. The leather strop is charged with ferox, similar to the paste these originally came with. I originally posted in the SE sub forum...
  2. RhoCurly

    Rolls Razor swarf buildup on strop

    I have a question for Rolls Razor users. The strop, which is charged with ferox, is beginning to build visible swarf. Same with the hone. Does this need to be cleaned, and if so, by what method? Or is this nothing to worry about? The razor was unused when I acquired it and it shaves great...
  3. RhoCurly

    Gabel’s Limited Edition Aftershaves

    Has anyone tried the new Gabel’s limited edition aftershaves? Saw them on amazon. Bay rum with menthol, Lime with menthol, Sta-Cool that is blue instead of green, and AVE 18 which is an all new scent. These are also on their website, but curiously, not on the barber supply sites.
  4. RhoCurly

    Anyone use Stirling Witch Hazel and Aloe?

    I am considering trying Stirling’s Witch Hazel and Aloe products. I often apply plain witch hazel prior to aftershave. I am going to try Stirling’s mentholated WH&A for when I follow with a non menthol AS, but was wondering how their scented WH&A products are. Any one have any experience with...
  5. RhoCurly

    My year long aftershave adventure: Part 4 - Woody/Leather

    Several winners here. Pinaud Clubman Reserve Whiskey Woods: This is one of three new aftershaves Pinaud introduced late last year that have a liquor theme. Whiskey Woods is described as a blend of tobacco, whiskey, and bergamot. The whiskey is very understated, so don't worry about smelling...
  6. RhoCurly

    My year long aftershave adventure: Lilac/Floral

    Some controversial aftershaves: Pinaud Lilac Vegetal: The VEG! People either love or hate it, or I should say are chosen or un-chosen. Probably no other aftershave is as sensitive to skin chemistry as Pinaud Lilac Vegetal. I am happy to report that I am one of the chosen! I just splashed...
  7. RhoCurly

    My year long aftershave adventure: Part 2 - Citrus

    Citrus is one of my favorite categories in both aftershaves and soaps, so here goes. Pinaud Lime Sec: I love lime and Lime Sec is one of my favorite aftershaves. The first time I splashed some on I was like "Oh my, this is goooood"! Refreshing lime balanced by some sweetness. There is also...
  8. RhoCurly

    My year long aftershave adventure: Part 1 - "Green" AS

    For part one of this series I will review aftershaves in the "green" category, for lack of a better term. I am not a fragrance expert. I do not know what many of the terms used on sites such as Basenotes mean. My reviews will be in layman's terms for the most part. I picked this category...
  9. RhoCurly

    My year long aftershave adventure: Introduction

    Hi everybody! Over the past year I have used a bunch of different aftershaves, thirty at last count. Most I purchased, some were PIFs, some loaners, and some were gifts. Many of these I purchased based on reviews from this great forum. I am not going to attempt to review them all in one post...
  10. RhoCurly

    New to B&B

    Hello, new to B&B and looking forward to sharing shaving experiences. Been DE shaving for about five years and straight razor shaving for about three months. I find shaving to be one of life’s simple pleasures and a great hobby to boot.
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