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  1. Redzone

    2016 New gym highlights

    Greetings Gents been away from here for a while so thought Id start back with some highlights out of our new Personal Training studio set up. Been working full-time in the industry for almost 35 years now and still love it. For 3 years I have been working out of a single car garage until we...
  2. Redzone

    New Custom Tamper WOW

    Well thanks to Peter Wolf I was able to get a custom Tamper handle made. What do you guys think? I've called it the "Wolf Hills" design. Once its gets back to New Zealand I have a custom base (58.4mm) to go with it. Really pleased with the "7 seas" coloring its stunning and the Motta Bar 9 shape.
  3. Redzone

    One of my past home coffee roasting set-ups.

    Started with a pop corn maker then made a version of this "Corretto Method" then went to Hottop then to a Has Garanti 5kg then back to this set up. I gave up my addiction to coffee for a couple of years and now getting back into it, so will probably make something like this again soon. The...
  4. Redzone

    New Espresso set-up BES920+Macap MXT

    Greetings all. After getting rid of my last set up a couple of years back my Wife decided it would be a good pre birthday present to hook me up again with an entry level home nut job set-up. My last machine/grinder combo was $7K worth but our budget is much smaller this time round. The quest of...
  5. Redzone

    Knize Ten "Where to buy'

    Greetings all After a sample from Gary a while back I would like to buy 50ml of Knize Ten and was looking at "Lucky Scent" and was wondering if this is a good site to buy off or are others prefered. Many thanks.
  6. Redzone

    Any Powerlifters in the House?

    Greetings Clubhouse members. I don't usually visit this part of the forum, probably because I've spent the past 30 plus years in the industry and enjoy the shaving section too much. As I am getting ready for the Masters 2 section of Powerlifting (I'll be 50 next year) here in New Zealand I...
  7. Redzone

    Antiga Barbearia de Barrio Ribeira do Porto ?

    I originally bought a soap of this as its mostly blind buys from this side of the planet and of course guidance from B&B. The soap was impressive so I got the aftershave and its battling hard for my number one spot. Anyone else really enjoying this? Its my wifes favorite too so maybe looking to...
  8. Redzone

    Modern DE what to get?

    Greetings Gents In the past 14 mths I have had a go at accumulating most shaving related things including 40 odd vintage DE's and SE's I have now thinned my razors to 3 Vintage. I would like some suggestions on what to get from the modern line up. A member here lent 3 of his collection and I...
  9. Redzone

    Top 3 Aftershaves ATM?

    I don't know about you Gents but as I try new AS's my favorites can take a tumble, but not always. At the moment my top 3 are (no order) D.R.Harris Arlington Antiga BARBEARIA de Bairro Irisch Moos Sir
  10. Redzone

    Pick one country for all your soaps, AS etc and one for you Razor and blades.

    I was thinking about being restricted to only buying shaving gear from one country (why? its the sort of torture I tend to inflict on my mind at times) Then I thought blades and razors should be separate. So if you had to, what country would get your vote for all your software: Soap/Cream...
  11. Redzone

    What should I keep from this stash?

    A mate who knows of my interest in shaving gave me this bag of stuff to look through and said if you want something keep it. The Valet in the bakerlite is in sweet condition and the little green bakerlite is cool to. Your thoughts?
  12. Redzone

    12mth Anniversary (No PIF)

    Just kidding of course there is a PIF :w00t: Thank you Gents for my first 12 months of B&B, quite a ride so far. I have met many sincere and helpful people here and wanted to say a big thank you to each and everyone. Lots of action through B/S/T has enabled me to enjoy this hobby to the max...
  13. Redzone

    Shavemac "Beast"

    This just arrived today via a very kind B&B member who was nice enough to forward from a Conus only seller. Put it along side my biggest brush for comparison and can't wait to take it for a drive.
  14. Redzone

    First M&F brush arrived today.

    I did a trade with one of the Gents here and this is what I received in the mail from the States today :biggrin1: I haven't used it yet but it seems to be a combination of things I really like in terms of look and shape and height.
  15. Redzone

    First Straight Shave cheeks only :

    Thanks to a kind Gent here "Otto" I had this lovely straight arrive today to learn on. Just did the cheeks and will slowly get the feel of things and get a bit more skill before attempting the rest.
  16. Redzone

    New FS $20 and 120gms

    Picked this up for $20 delivered, can't go wrong. Silvertip 22/53 and a hefty 120gms in weight compared to my CH2 at 83gms. Looking forward to breaking it in. Best not drop it on my toe though :001_smile
  17. Redzone

    Missing "SLIM" PIF anyone help please?

    Good afternoon Gents, Back in Oct/Nov (I think) I ran a PIF of a cased Gillettte Slim in Excellent condition. I through in a few blades etc and off it went. Unfortunately it never arrived at the winners location and never came back either. The winner is "coyotewhisper" and he is a great Gent...
  18. Redzone

    Noob strop suggestion please

    As one of the kind members here is sorting me my first Straight shortly, can someone point me in the direction of a source for a leather/canvas strop and paste etc. I have had a nosey at WD but are there members here who sell these things that you may have had business with. I require...
  19. Redzone

    Shower soap and shampoo bar recommendations please.

    Good evening Gents I am new to SAD (soap aquisition disorder) and loving it. So I though I'd come here and get further enabled. My first order consisted of a bar of TOBS Mr Taylor, Ribera do Porto Bath Soap and Musgo Real (Oakmoss) and absolutely love all of them. Anything you can recommend...
  20. Redzone

    Maintenance of a Straight for a noob.

    Yes I'm in the Sabbatical so this is just a rhetorical question :blushing: I had a couple of goes with a straight I bought a while back then ended up putting it in a PIF but I want to have another go. My issue is maintenance. If I buy (whoops, I mean trade) a straight and a strop, how long will...
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