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  1. benos

    FS Brushes, 37C, T&S

    Hey folks, I have a bunch of stuff I'm looking to move. Brushes used no more than 6x. Prices include shipping, CONUS only, F&F or please add fees. Thanks for looking! -Morris & Forndran Heritage II L7 28mm blonde badger: used ~4x, no shedding. $230 -Dorian "Carnival 061" 24mm 2-band, $75...
  2. benos

    FS Brushes

    Hello, Continuing to thin the den. Prices include shipping, CONUS only, F&F or add fees. Thanks for looking! 1) That Darn Rob "Nocturne" 26mm Fanchurian (V4 I think), $80 2) That Darn Rob "Husker" 26mm tuxedo, $45 3) Sawdust Creation Studios "Around the Bay" 26mm tuxedo, $40 4) Shavemac 28mm...
  3. benos

    FS EJ 3one6, That Darn Robs, TurnNShave, Viking brush

    Hey folks, Continuing to thin my den. Prices include shipping, CONUS only, PP F&F or add 4% for G&S. No trades please. Any other questions/want more pictures, just let me know. Thanks for looking! 1) Edwin Jagger 3one6 - Used less than 10X. It's in pristine condition; could pass for new. $80...
  4. benos

    WTB Sebum Latte

    Hey fellas, I'm looking for a jar of the Sebum Latte soap. I don't really want a set as I'm not looking to pay for the serum; just the soap. If anyone wants to part with it, let me know!
  5. benos

    FS H&SCo N075, Viking brush

    Prices include shipping and fees. CONUS only. Any questions, feel free to ask. Thanks! H&SCo N075, machined, 2018: A fantastic razor with excellent tolerances in great condition. Medium aggression, very good efficiency. A couple very light surface marks that the finish basically hides. $180...
  6. benos

    FS Brushes (Shavemac, AP Shave Co, etc), Gillette Tech

    I've got several things that really should go, so this will be the first post of a few. Prices include shipping and PayPal G&S fees; CONUS only. Pics in follow-up posts. Shavemac MB2 blue marble 24mm 2-band silvertip - This knot is as good as they say. Great backbone, soft tips, gentle scrub...
  7. benos

    FS ATT Windsor SE1, Craving Shaving

    Hello gents, I have a couple things I don't or can't use that I'd like to sell. Prices include shipping, CONUS only, PayPal G&S. First is an Above the Tie Windsor SE1. It's a fine piece, but just too aggressive for me. It's in a matte satin finish with the bamboo handle. I bought it here on...
  8. benos

    The best tuxedo knot

    I have several brush handles, and I'd like to put tuxedo knots in some of them. They're almost all bored for 26mm knots, so I'd like to find out which vendors carry some of the best tuxedos. I've definitely noticed a difference between tuxedo knots in brushes I've gotten in the past: some are...
  9. benos

    FS Elite Razor handle, Lowborn Supply brush

    Hey all, I've got too much gear, a lot of it just sitting around, and it's high time I get rid of some of it so it can be put to use. Prices include shipping, CONUS only, PayPal G&S. First is an Elite Razor handle for a 26mm knot. It's a dark swirled green up top, and translucent green with...
  10. benos

    How long do your shaves take?

    I'm curious about how long it takes for folks here to get their shaves done. Basically I mean from the start of picking up whatever the first shave item is that you handle, to your rinse or aftershave application or whatever signals that your shave is done. If you want to include whatever...
  11. benos

    Help identifying a Leresche?

    Hi folks, I picked up this Leresche from auction recently but unfortunately was not given much information about what model it is (#51, #77, etc), so I'm hoping someone here in the know about these razors can identify it for me and tell me a little about it and how it shaves. Thanks in advance!
  12. benos

    Occam's Razor ENOCH or HIRAM

    Has anybody tried either of these? I never had any interest in the original Occam's SE, but the design of these two are more my style, and I like the idea of being able to use different blades in a single edge, so I was gonna maybe give one of them a shot. Is the build quality good? I see they...
  13. benos

    WTB Simpson 58 best badger

    I'd really like to find a 58 in good condition for around $100. If anyone has one they're thinking of parting with, please let me know!
  14. benos

    Maggard standard 2-band vs SHD 2-band

    I have a handle that takes a 30mm knot, and I'm trying to decide what to put in it. I'm leaning towards a two band because I've got a bunch of silvertip knots, and at that size, I think silvertip will eat up way too much lather. The two band hairs should provide a little better flow through...
  15. benos

    Razorock SLOC or PAA Original DOC?

    Hey all, I'd really like to try one of these double open comb razors, but I'm finding myself a little undecided about which one. I'd like to get something that's user-friendly angle-wise and not super aggressive, but also not really mild. I'm thinking a little more than a Merkur 34C in...
  16. benos

    Handle needs a knot install

    Hey, I was hoping I could get some recommendations for getting a knot put into a handle. I've never bought an empty handle before, but I picked up this one for a 30mm from Wild West Brushworks: What vendors are good for purchasing a knot and having them install? It looks like Razor Emporium...
  17. benos

    What blades are these?

    Can anyone tell me which blades these are? I received them in a sample pack a couple years ago, and I have yet to use one, but I'd like to know what they are first. Since it says "Made in Israel", I'm guessing Personna Reds? Thanks!
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