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  1. Tomo

    Den Completion

    After 1.5 years, I’ve finally put the finishing touches on my shave den. The rabbit hole was deeper than I imagined but I can now see the light on the other side. The line between collector and user has becoming slightly blurred but I still consider myself a user. After a phase of trying...
  2. Tomo

    FS Heljestrand MK31

    Here for your consideration is a vintage Heljestrand MK31. I have a few of these now so can afford to let one go. The razor features natural white scales. The scales are in excellent condition. They seem to have been retrofitted at some stage as the pins are not the usual washer-less design. The...
  3. Tomo

    The Case for Cream

    When I started on the forum I was a staunch soap guy. Preferably triple milled. The harder the better. In my eyes this was the traditional choice and as far removed from the canned goo, I was used to, as you could get. As time goes by and traditional shaving becomes more routine, I find myself...
  4. Tomo

    Your Travel Brush

    The travel brush occupies a unique place in the den. While most shave brushes remain captives of the house, the travel brush goes with you on your most memorable and exciting adventures. The ultimate travel brush for me is the Simpson Classic 1 Best. Many will prefer a synthetic traveller but...
  5. Tomo

    Let’s talk about X-Strokes

    I’ve been honing for about 5 minutes and have developed a “gefährliches halb Wissen” German for dangerous half knowledge. This is where you know enough about a subject to question the established wisdom without fully understanding all of the finer points. Armed with this half knowledge I’d like...
  6. Tomo

    A review of the Filarmonica Doble Temple 13

    I was interested to see what the hype was about with these Filly’s and jumped at the chance to secure a NOS example. It’s fair to say that the legend had some very big boots to fill. The much touted geometry on this example wasn’t exactly perfect. I had some work to do to get a sharp bevel...
  7. Tomo

    PIF - Introduction to Straight Razor Shaving

    It’s been one year since I started my straight razor journey. It took a bit of practice but I finally found my perfect shave with the SR. Had it not been for the information and support of the forum it’s unlikely that I would have taken the plunge. I’ve put together this PIF as a thank you to...
  8. Tomo

    Non-Stick Stainless Steel

    Gents I’ve recently discovered a method for making any stainless steel pan non-stick and have totally ditched Teflon. Teflon cookware never sat well with me. It flakes, it doesn’t last long and god only knows what those chemicals are doing to you. The method is simple. 1. Take your clean...
  9. Tomo

    Recommend a $100 Beginner Set

    My younger cousin (by 22 years) will be graduating this year. I thought this would be a good time to initiate him into the gentlemanly art of wet shaving. His father, like my grandfather, is a dedicated electric man so he has little hope of learning anything about shaving at home. I’d like to...
  10. Tomo

    WTB Escher Whetstone

    Venturing deeper into the world of natural finishers. Currently looking for a decent sized, user grade Escher from a trusted source. Please let me know if you have anything in your collection that you’re willing to send to a new home.
  11. Tomo

    Brush den complete

    The final piece of the puzzle has landed and the brush den is officially complete. The shelf is full and I’m checking out of BAD to focus on other acquisition disorders. Here are the top ten I’ve ended up with. Each main brush model is represented in 2-band and 3-band. They all offer something...
  12. Tomo

    Barber end strops: Yea or Nay?

    My first strop is still going strong eight months in with no nicks or cuts. Unfortunately this has left me with little excuse to buy a replacement but I thought it would be good to get a spare. You know. Just in case... My original TM 3” Horsehide has D pulls which work great but I thought it...
  13. Tomo

    Describing edge sharpness

    I’ve seen a lot of adjectives floating around to describe edge sharpness (scary sharp, laser sharp, etc.). What are the best terms that you’ve come across? What is the ultimate level of sharpness in your book?
  14. Tomo

    I just keep coming back to Thayers and Nivea

    In my search for the perfect shaving products I’ve tested numerous aftershave splashes and balms but I keep coming back to Thayers WH and Nivea Sensitive AS Balm. These aren’t the most exciting products, the fragrances are nothing special but they just work really well. I’ve been trough Trumper...
  15. Tomo

    WTB Tortoise Shell Heljestrand MK32

    It’s a long shot but I know that they’re out there. If I’m able to liberate one from your collection or you have a lead please let me know. Open to cash or trade of left leg, kidney or ivory MK31 as part of the deal.
  16. Tomo

    ANZ Soap Sample Pass Around

    Gents It’s taken some time but I’ve finally found a good core of soaps that really work for me. Along the way there have been a few missteps. I tried these products due to some good reviews so rather than hoard them away in a cupboard I’d let to send them on to someone else to try. Rules of...
  17. Tomo

    Do shaving brushes need to dry

    I’m about a year into my wet shaving obsession now and I’ve built a rather nice collection of brushes. I was happy enough with my first brush but quickly decided that I needed a few more to allow the first one time to dry. I’m now starting to wonder if this is even necessary. Back in the day...
  18. Tomo

    To oil or not to oil

    Gents I’m interested in you thoughts on oiling straight razor blades. There seem to be two camps out there, the oilers and the non-oilers. I started out oiling my blade after each shave until a read the below linked article. I have since stopped and two months later have seen no detrimental...
  19. Tomo

    100 SR Shaves

    At some point last week I clocked up my 100th straight razor shave and I wanted to share some of my findings. Firstly, I really like this form of shaving. Of everything that I’ve tried, the SR gives me the most comfortable shave. For me comfort is the single most important factor. It also...
  20. Tomo

    Simpson Chubby 1 Manchurian

    This Simpson Chubby 1 Manchurian was purchased directly from Simpson’s in November 2019. It has been used used as part of a large rotation and is in perfect condition. The brush is very soft with lots of back bone. It hasn’t lost more than three hairs since new, all in the first few shaves...
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