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    Razorock Hawk V3 in stainless steel

    I suspect that it will be for you. I had the AlumiHawk, and found it very efficient, quite a good shaver, just rarely reached for. I'd been hoping to try the SS version for awhile. I found a good deal on the 'bay, with both CC and OC. Excellent! I like them very much. Subtly different...
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    Are any razor makers working or looking into a premium injector?

    Supply is a decent shaver, I bought one when they first came out. My problem with them was that the blade stops were about 3mm tall, so I was effectively shaving with 2/3 of the width of the blade. I used a diamond plate to take the stops down to 1mm, and shorten & round the guard, and is now...
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    Pearl Flexi v2 brass cnc milled adjustable razor is out!

    To your question- plated brass. The Flexi is quite nice, and you get a fun little care-package of goodies with it. :001_smile
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    Just got this ...

    Yes, Schick Krona, yes, gold plated, AND its a complete '76 Bi-Centennial set! Fantastic!!
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    Pearl Flexi v2 brass cnc milled adjustable razor is out!

    I'm just about done with my week with the Flexi. Finished shave quality is essentially the same as the Rex. No surprise, as it is for all intents and purposes its a copy there of. The shave itself (IMO, YMMV, etc.,) is rather different. The Flexi is about 1 full ounce(5 oz) heavier than the...
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    Going back from aggressive to mild?

    I dislike mild razors, though their efficiency may (generally) be increased with a different blade, usually Feather. Like Doug135, my Brit Aristocrat, Kirby, '34 Aristocrat, etc., all gained new life via Feather. This is one of the reasons I thoroughly enjoy adjustables, being able to tune...
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    1 day, 2 day, and 3 day stubble. Is there a difference?

    I suspect beard density and coarseness will have some impact on this. I would also suspect that if your beard is more coarse/wiry you would be more sensitive to cutting it when its shorter, as it would be closer to the root. I suspect... ;)
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    Organizing multiple razors & brushes

    How exactly are we defining, "multiple"...? :c1: I have a small curio cabinet in the bathroom that holds ~15 razors and 6 brushes. The others are in other locations...
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    Medical Professionals PIF Now PIFFIER, see post #30.

    Received the set from Adam, and it is gorgeous! Many, many, thanks! I've been off the forum for some time, and his generosity has motivated me. Let me look through the den, and see what I have to share that would be worthy... ;)
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    How do you use an adjustable?

    ^^That's typically about what I do. I may vary the setting based on hair growth, or simply because I want a quick & easy shave or something a bit more aggressive.
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    Merkur 34 - where do I go from here?

    If you pm me mailing address, I'll send you an aluminum Hawk with some blades (have to see exactly what I have on hand) to try.
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    2020 Rocnel Sailor adjustable razor production model

    I own the SE in both SB and OC. Many metals "work harden" to some extent. I.e., the process of being milled/hammered/etc., results in molecular changes that harden the metal. This is why vintage unannealed brass Gillette (and other) handles split. 300 series stainless work hardens, so there are...
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    Pearl Flexi v2 brass cnc milled adjustable razor is out!

    I have both, and am doing a comparison. I have both, and am doing a comparison. It will be later in the week, before I'm decided on the comparability of the shaves. Spoiler: The Flexi (current run) is a $100 razor, with ~$20-30USD of extras, free. It's overly heavy, but with good...
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    Pearl Flexi v2 brass cnc milled adjustable razor is out!

    Well, you get like 200 Willy's to try, so hey... :c1: I had this new razor...loaded with a fresh Nacet...I could feel stubble...just couldn't fight the urge. I'll take a few days before coming to a final judgement, but set on 4, where I had the Rex last night, it feels reeeeaaallly close...
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    Good problem to have, help me decide.

    Kingfisher has a reasonable point. I'll just say it comes across as a bit greed driven at $1k, but...the market may bear that. I do understand that opportunity is a wonderful thing, and it is yours, so... If you won't use it, GLWTS.;)
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    Gamechanger SB vs. OC base

    Perhaps its entirely the feel, but I do prefer "blade feel", therefore, I don't ride the cap, but more allowing the blade to ride between cap and guard on the skin. Therefore, you can have more skin to blade, depending on the design of the comb, and it may or may not be effected by blade gap...
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    What is your most forgiving razor?

    I agree, the Tech is incredibly forgiving, I just can't get a lasting shave with one. Razorock Hawk. Best shave for least effort, for me.
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    Pearl Flexi v2 brass cnc milled adjustable razor is out!

    Well, I was prepared to be modestly underwhelmed, but this package is pretty darn impressive: I actually used the Rex last night, so I may not shave until tomorrow evening, for a reasonable comparison. They may indeed have included "Saloon" blades, but I'll find out later, as I want to try...
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    MAIL CALL: Henkels Rapide 7 Day Set

    They are beautiful. I picked up a chrome finished set, all seven days, along with 6 of 7 additional DOTW blades.
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    MAIL CALL: Henkels Rapide 7 Day Set

    Pic # 5 is your honing/stropping handle. I usually tape the blade holder, to reduce wear. If you don't see obvious injury to the edge, I do about 10 passes each side on 600 grit diamond, then onto the 1k/8k, or whatever you may have. I like the Never Fail Stropper, as you can use it for...
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