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    Just picked up some leather.

    I stopped in at oregon leather works on my way home today and bought a 2"x72" strip of vegetable tanned white latigo leather, do I need to do anything to it, like use a conditioner? I was contemplating rounding the top edges as well, is that a good idea or not?
  2. D

    My Dreadnought Spartan DE Broke!

    First off let me say, I've been away for quite a while, had some sudden employment issues - mostly worked out now, and it's good to be back on these forums! Anyway, I had left my DN Spartan hanging on a razor/ brush stand, with the head loose to help the blade dry. My wife then went through...
  3. D

    B&M store in Beaverton Oregon

    I think this is the right area for this question... Anybody know if a shaving store our barber shop that stocks wetshaving supplies in the Beaverton/Portland area?
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    looking for some education.

    So I'm working on my ability to gauge the condition of a straight, and I'm hoping to get some pointers from everyone on here!
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    My new (to me) Valet AutoStrop!

    Jut got this for my birthday from my lovely wife! Clearly it could use a polish but it seems to be in excellent shape... the only blade that came with it is old and rusty and it is missing the box for blades and the strop. I think I want to track these down, but from what I can tell it wouldn't...
  6. D

    Valet/Feather SE blades.

    I'm trying to find a good place to get a small set of new blades for an AutoStrop Valet "million dollar razor" I got for my birthday today. It came with one blade but that is rusty and not very sharp, I really just want one to see how I like the razor's shave, I may just display it instead of...
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    Brush handle shapes- Please add pics of your favourites!

    EDIT:I'm changing this to a post your handle thread! To the brush aficionados: Please post up some pics of your favorite brush handle designs along with the: - Name of the handle shape - Material(s) - Brand(s) that offer this handle - Dimensions (if you have them/want to) - What you like about...
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    feedback request.

    Ok so, the hair under my chin/on my neck mostly grows down and to my right, anywhere from 80 to 40 degrees from straight down, and I've been having a hard time shaving it close enough for my liking. I can get it equally close to how I used to with a cartridge, but the rest of my face us...
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    Travel Brush Question(s)

    So it's unclear to me... what differentiates a travel brush from a regular one? Just smaller in size so it can be packed easier? Because I've seen some (like the EJ) that you can store the knot/loft inside the handle, which makes sense to me, but others that are sold as travel brushes don't seem...
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    Escali to B&BEB

    I'm currently using the Amazon sourced Escali brush that my wife got me for Christmas and it feels a little too scritchy I think. I was looking through the various brush reviews here and saw that the B&BEB seems to be softer than many cheap pure badger brushes, has anyone used these two who can...
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    DavidFS's Entry to the Hall of Fame

    Hall of Fame Entry What is your real name?David Scott What are your nicknames/aliases?I often go by Scott Where do you live?Oregon What is your age (or) generation?I was born in '87 What are you in the real world?Enlisted in the Coast Guard What is your favorite shave setup?Only Shave setup...
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    New member from Oregon

    Hello everyone! Another new member here who got a shaving set for Christmas! I've shaved four times with it so far and absolutely love it! I've been lurking on here for probably a month and have learned a ton already, I want to thank everyone for maintaining such a friendly and helpful...
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