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  1. NPK

    My Goal

    I have done one razor for nearly a year. I'm pretty sure you got this.
  2. NPK

    Blade “chatter” - what does this mean?

    Take a lid to a tin can and pit it in a vice about 3/4 of it clamped. Take a toothpick and flick the edge of the blade. Note the sound. Scale it down to blade and whisker size and imagine 50 toothpicks flicking and minute vibration that accompanies it. I have decently sensitive hearing due a...
  3. NPK

    They Don’t Understand

    All of my close relatives that I show my razor to didn't get it. Then I let them shave with it. Eash of them now how one. The Tech needs no convincing.
  4. NPK

    TWELFTH ANNUAL "One Blade in February" Challenge - 2021 Edition

    Imagine my luck! I found this thread just now and learned I am already qualified. I started February with my favorite blade BiC Chrome Platinum and I am still using it in my back up Gillette Tech (in my avatar). It will easily last the entire month.
  5. NPK

    Cold water shaving

    DE shaving is my spa like experience 3x a week. Cold water isn't part of the spa like experience for me in the autumn, winter, spring months. Summer I indulge in a cool water rinse which is refreshing during the hotter season.
  6. NPK

    Gillette Tech Home Replate

    Nice ! 👍👍 How thick is the plating would you estimate? Was it thick enough to cause any issues with the threads?
  7. NPK

    Canada Only PIF

    🥶 "I'm freezing up here!" 🥶 ...and happy to the point of almost 😢 because you considered us up here in 🇨🇦 Oh Captain, my Captain...thanks so much for the chance on this generous PIF !
  8. NPK

    Geofatboy - See how quickly he shaves!!!

    I don't know what WFIF means. Plumber, electrician..makes little difference what he did still quite a change of vocation to a YouTuber who sells shaving supplies. Its been over a year since I have seen his videos seems like a nice guy.
  9. NPK

    Cheap shaver thread.

    Wilkinson Sword Classic. Comes with 5 blades add some shave gel you have lying around and you are set for a couple of months with the lowest cost outlay besides free.
  10. NPK

    I'll never forget my first...

    Wilkinson sword plastic razor - YES Wilkinson sword blades - HECK YES Wifes leg shaving cream (happened to be men's gel) - it was the only thing available to get me started. As you can see getting into DE shaving can be a less than $12 venture. It was a fantastic experience, great gear to learn...
  11. NPK

    WTB WTB- Your Nintendo Switch - Mostly older models. Will Need Serial #.

    We still have the Wii U....have yet to graduate I guess.
  12. NPK

    What is your most forgiving razor?

    +2 for Tech. ....its actually the only type of razor I own.
  13. NPK


    I have 2 Techs, the Proraso trinity, Arko and 2 brushes. On this site that is on the minimalist side of being modest.
  14. NPK

    Geofatboy - See how quickly he shaves!!!

    GeoFatBoy taught me everything I needed to know to attempt my first DE shave after 30+ years of electric shaving only. Respect for the blade was and is always foremost in my mind. His technique is consistent which is key. He is equally as skilled at SE shaving. He was a plumber before he...
  15. NPK

    Last razor I'll ever purchase?

    Yes, and I meant it and then bought another Tech later as a backup....
  16. NPK

    Den-clearing PIF

    :eek2: A CANADIAN PIF ?!? I am speechless...I am without speech. :c7: (so generous...not in)
  17. NPK

    Mild razor for a beginner

    Ya done good and right Hak.1963.
  18. NPK

    What razor cured your RAD?

    My RAD was very short lived. I tried a Superspeed, then a Tech...and I was done. I obtained a backup Tech and have been more than happy knowing the search and acquisition is over.
  19. NPK

    What Attracts You?

    Shave quality, build quality and simplicity in design, history. Luckily Gillette Tech has it all for me.
  20. NPK

    Multiples of the same razor

    2 post war Techs, a daily driver and the collector in my avatar picture. No more needed.
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