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  1. BudgetShaverGuy

    Shavemac: Knot Questions

    Hello everyone. I want to dive in to get my first Shavemac, and was hoping to get some guidance from the experts who’ve done lots of trial and error(!) First off, I am a dedicated face-lathering guy who loves shave sticks. I love the simplicity of this method so it’s very important that the...
  2. BudgetShaverGuy

    Where to go for a custom solid brass handle?

    The title says it all. I have a vintage Gillette New LC, and while I love the head itself, the handle is way too short, light, slippery, narrow, and generally cumbersome for me to be useful. It should be made of solid brass and needs a threaded end that is more narrow than normal since most...
  3. BudgetShaverGuy

    Karve: brass weight / length specs

    Need to ask this one here. I e-mailed Karve and have not heard back. I would like to know specifically if I''m interpreting the specs accurately, as found on the website linked below. Are The handles alone precisely measured end-to-end as 3.0, 3.25, 3.5 and 4.0 inches respectively? I ask...
  4. BudgetShaverGuy

    Gillette New Long Comb: I am truly shocked

    OK, I will confess: I have been kinda mean and dismissive towards "milder" razors. I've only been DE shaving less than 2 years now and have not used very many, only one of which I would consider mild after today's experience. I also never "rotated" razors, each one replaced the one before it, so...
  5. BudgetShaverGuy

    Cigar to go with a nice Scotch?

    I'm looking for some really smooth cigars to pair with Johnny Walker Gold Label Reserve. The Scotch is sweet, fresh, and not too smoky for a JW product and would like to find a nice easygoing cigar with which to pair it. I am a complete cigar novice, yet want something super smooth that I can...
  6. BudgetShaverGuy

    Show me your Shavemac Synthetic, please!

    I'm on the fence about a Shavemac synthetic and would like to see yours if you have one. I'm pretty sure I want a 24x52mm bulb yet am torn between the 82 and 4318 handles, comfort and ergonomics are key. Any ideas would be appreciated!
  7. BudgetShaverGuy

    Good old Toilet Paper

    Got my lip pretty good today, and no amount of styptic pencil or match was sealing the wound. It must have been a deep slice because that feeling styptic gives you with that nice burn-feedback once it's doing the job was absent. All items would just get soaked with blood and do nothing to stop...
  8. BudgetShaverGuy

    Repair a scuffed stainless steel top cap?

    Hi everyone. I dropped my GameChanger on some hard ceramic tile this morning and luckily, only the top cap got a minor scuff in it, nowhere near where the blade is held thankfully. I've tried photographing it but it's so subtle, it's hard to see! The problem is if I run my finger over it, it...
  9. BudgetShaverGuy

    How many blood-free shaves in a row?

    I have been getting really good shaves lately. Close, comfortable, and most importantly: blood free! 36 shaves to be precise, which is a total of 72 days since I shave every other day. Not bad since I used to bleed at least once every few weeks on average. Got some new styptic pencils and...
  10. BudgetShaverGuy

    Canned Foam (Barbasol Aloe): Revisited

    So the other day I grabbed a can of Barbasol Aloe, since it was on sale for a buck, and keep it on hand for: revisiting canned goo after 18 months of making lather on my face using great soaps and creams from all over the world the scent, which I like very much a day in which I didn't feel...
  11. BudgetShaverGuy

    Arko: An Observation

    OK, hear my out. I know this is going to sound crazy but. I don't know. Maybe it is. The same Maggard Timberwolf synthetic was used for all shaves along with a variety of blades that have all been historically sharp and smooth enough to be used as a reference for testing purposes. I've been...
  12. BudgetShaverGuy

    TOBS Eton College Shave Cream: Scent

    Hi everyone! I recently blind-purchased some TOBS Eton College Shave Cream, looking for a nice refreshing summer cream. This is what TOBS says about the scent on their own website: ...dominant citrus lemon notes combined with fruity citrus notes of orange and mandarin. All this is blended with...
  13. BudgetShaverGuy

    I know this sounds crazy but

    does anyone else get hints of ketchup from Guerlain Vetiver? I get a ketchup vibe both from the atomizer as well as when it’s on me after the dry-down, after an hour or so. I love the initial blast, it’s so green and fresh but sometimes....I dunno....I get a ketchup vibe from it.
  14. BudgetShaverGuy

    Well, I blind-purchased some Kouros

    After traveling far and wide and inquiring within every store I could find, alas I purchased some Kouros blind. Being of Greek descent myself and hearing how polarizing/potent the scent is, I said what the heck and bought a smallish 1.7 oz bottle for a pretty good price on eBay. What say you...
  15. BudgetShaverGuy

    Blade Gap: When everything else remains Equal

    Hello Everyone, I have a specific question related to blade gaps. Assuming two razors are identical in every other way such as geometry, number of teeth, blade exposure, etc, except for the blade gap, what sort of difference should be expected from the smaller blade gap head during the shave...
  16. BudgetShaverGuy

    Synthetic Brush Splay woes....just start on the chin!

    So one big thing I've never liked about synthetics is that they're a pain to splay initially when face-lathering, for me anyways. I recently saw a YT vid (can't remember the exact one to attach for reference) that said to start on the very tip of the chin, instead of the cheek, where I normally...
  17. BudgetShaverGuy

    Ivory Soap / Arko Revisited

    So the other day while I'm walking around Walmart late at night because I'm bored senseless and have nothing better to do (and thinking I may actually snag some TP which is unlikely since deliveries are usually in the AM not PM) I came across some Ivory Soap. I never got a whiff of the stuff and...
  18. BudgetShaverGuy

    Maggard Timberwolf

    Anyone ever use one of these? Would like to get an idea of the folowing: How dense is it? How does it splay? How does it feel? Thanks! https://www.maggardrazors.com/product/maggard-razors-blue-swirl-24mm-synthetic-shaving-brush-two-piece-resin-handle/
  19. BudgetShaverGuy

    Splurge on anything recently?

    I have to admit, I'm a bit panicked about what's going on lately. I've always been a little skittish but am even more so now. I was supposed to hit the agencies to get back to work and probably couldn't have waited for a worse time to get a job. So what did I do today? I spent money! I bought a...
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