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  1. captnronfl


    Everything includes shipping to the states. These are all my personal razors and all work as they should Gillette Slim N1 first quarter of 1968 $35 Merkur Progress XL $35 Supply Provision v1 with all three heads Included is the injector blades that I have not even open. I used a...
  2. captnronfl

    Focus Dynamic Razor with a Proline B-20 Injector Blade

    I got a tuck of Proline B-20's along with a tuck of Proline P-30's as a lark. I figured that with all the Schick G's and E's I have, maybe one would work in one of them for a decent shave. I tried them with the Schick Injector blades and didn't like them. Big difference with these Proline...
  3. captnronfl

    How to Hone Wilkinson Blades

    I have two sets of Wilkinson Sword Empire sets. One is a 7 day set with a full set of blades. The other one did not come with blades. Fortunately for me the blades will work in either razor. However the blades need sharpening. I have been asking around to find out about honing these blades. Some...
  4. captnronfl

    Which Way Do You Turn Your Brush?

    I have a Dubl Duck brush that the bristles of the brush has taken a hard set. I had to take about an inch off of the end of the brush. I might have to take a little more off of it. This brush was design as professional brush and I'm pretty sure it was used that way. It looks like the brush was...
  5. captnronfl

    Dubl Duck

    This is a Dubl Duck M-2 brush. I got it thinking I would restore it. It looked better in the pictures in the auction. When I got it and cleaned it up this is what I've got. It looks like someone before me tried to clean it with a wire brush. I got the marks buffed out somewhat. I don't want to...
  6. captnronfl

    FS: Hoffritz and Focus Dynamic Razor

    What I have for sale is the first razor I started back shaving with after ditching the Gillette Fusion. I got it from a friend and paid probably too much $100 is what I gave for it in trade. The trade was the use of my van for a year. I only shaved twice with it. I found it to be a bit...
  7. captnronfl

    My first dance with the Ever Ready 1914 “Lil’ Lather Catcher”

    The picture above doesn't do it justice as compared to seeing it in your hand. My camera lens is sharp as a tack and picks up all the tiny little scratches that you would never see while holding it. Wow I have been waiting for this razor for a while now. I waited until one came available that...
  8. captnronfl

    Tail of Two Valet VC-1's

    I found this on the bay. On the right you have your normal VC-1 set up. On the left is a VC-1 set up with a DE blade in place of the normal blade that should be in it. What do you think about the set up with the DE blade? I can see that it is in the blade stops. So here is the million dollar...
  9. captnronfl

    Gillette Palmolive-Peet

    Ok I have caught a bad case of RAD I saw this on eBay with the base plate put on upside down. I could not tell really what razor it was as the only picture of it didn't show any thing else. So here are the pictures of it. I would like to know what I have. It appears to be new....ok I meant to...
  10. captnronfl

    Durham Enders Speed Razor

    Jut wondering if anyone has had any luck with using a Feather or despined Gem blade with these razors. Here I thought OneBlade came up with this design from the way they talked. What a laugh... I believe I been had ... ROFLMAO .... it won't be the last time I am sure.
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