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  1. NStorm

    Svoboda (Russian / Poland) soap

    Ok, I really don't know what to tell here. But I've just recently discovered that soap in a local store. It was among casual bath bar soaps but the box reads "ideally suits for shaving" so I was interested and took one to try. It's less than $1 for 100g puck (~$0.75 converted). It looks like a...
  2. NStorm

    Balm with a strong and lasting scent?

    Anyone could recommend non-alcohol aftershave / balm with a strong and long lasting scent? I'm open for most of the scents. Just looking to try something new.
  3. NStorm

    Hello from Russia with love :)

    Hi there! I'm from south-west part of Russia from the city Rostov-na-Donu. It's marked as a green dot on this map: The one where FIFA World Cup will be held soon. In case someone are planning here for this event feel free to PM me for any questions and advice from local person. I'm into wet...
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