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  1. polaris

    TTO Red Tip Rocket vs Red Tip Super Speed

    Hi All, Just want to check. The feel of the Super Speed TTO (twist to open) is different than the Rocket TTO, right? The Rocket TTO action should be smooth and slightly resistant when turning as opposed to the free turning Super Speed TTO. The Rocket should feel almost like the internal...
  2. polaris

    WTB Gillette Red Tip Rocket (Miss my old one)

    Hello All, I posted a few months ago that I dropped my Red Tip Rocket and ruined it. Actually I was vigorously flinging water off of it when it flew out of my hands and into the tub. Pieces of the razor flew everywhere at impact. My heart sunk and I just stared at the jumbled mess in...
  3. polaris

    Cella Bio Baby!

    Based on another member's review (thanks IMBW), I purchased the new "Bio" shaving cream from Cella. According to the label, its "Extra Extra Bio" which I take to mean organic, being that they use certified organic ingredients. The tube shaving cream arrived today and I used it for tonight's...
  4. polaris

    Palmolive Shaving Cream

    Just want to give a shout out to the Palmolive shaving cream line. There are 3 that I like (I think that's the whole line): Classic, Sensitive Skin and Mentholated. All are equally good, nice dense lather, slick and protective but won't clog your razor and very, very creamy. The scents are...
  5. polaris

    WTB Gillette Red Tip Rocket

    I'm taking a shot in the dark here. I'd love to buy a Gillette Red Tip Rocket in good shape. Any takers (fingers crossed). Best, Chris
  6. polaris

    Shavette Blade Question

    Hi All, Wasn't sure where to post this since I didn't see a shavette forum. I've never used a shavette and have a question: Do any of the shavettes use a standard blade? Maybe a standard blade snapped in half lengthwise? I've just seen the longer shavette blade models. Also, any brand...
  7. polaris

    Merkur 34C Materials?

    Hi All, Just ordered the Merkur 34C and should be here today. Great reviews inspired me to give this razor a try. My question is about materials. I know the razor is chrome plated but what about the head and handle materials? Is the handle brass and the head assembly Zamac? Thanks Much...
  8. polaris

    Muhle R96 Rocca Sold Out?

    Hi All, I've been looking at the Muhle R96 but notice that every website I visit shows them sold out. Anybody know what's going on? Thanks Much
  9. polaris

    ATT Revisited

    Hi All, I've been on a Gillette Super Speed and Rocket run for most of the year. I just went back to my ATTs and remembered why I like them so much. I have the following: 1. M2, R2, H2, S1 and S2 2. Kronos, Atlas and Colossus handles -The H2 is very nice but I can't see using it daily. I...
  10. polaris

    Gillette Aristocrat Primer

    Hello All, I'm looking to purchase my first Gillette Aristocrat. I would like to educate myself on the Aristocrat first before deciding on a model. Is there a good primer on this site or somewhere else that would be a good place for me to start? Thanks Much
  11. polaris

    WTB Red Tip Case Only in Excellent Condition

    Hi All, My son has a Gillette C1 Red Tip that he's very proud of. The only problem is that it has no case. I'd like to get him a Red Tip case in very good condition- working hinges with no cracks, hazing, etc. If you can help me out, please let me know. Take Care, Chris
  12. polaris

    Gillette Rocket Maintenance

    Hello All, I have two Gillette Red Tip Rockets that can use a good disassembling, cleaning and regreasing. Capt. Murphy has helped me out in the past but I hear he's currently very busy in general and hasn't gotten back to me. Great guy and I want to respect his personal time right now...
  13. polaris

    Super Speed Vertical Play w/ TTO

    Hi All, This may have been covered in another thread but I couldn't find anything. I have a Gillette Red Tip SS with a little vertical play when I move the TTO up and down. I other words, if I open the doors about half way and move the TTO up and down towards and away from the base of the...
  14. polaris

    What happened to Delta Echo Razors?

    Hi All, I haven't see any razors available on Delta Echo site for months and now the site is unreachable: "Oops! We couldn’t find that page." I wonder what's up.
  15. polaris

    Muhle R96 "Rocca" v3 Review

    Hello All, Just wanted to review the new Muhle R96 "Rocca" ver. 3. I ordered from the English supplier Connaught Shaving because they explicitly advertised this as the version 3 model which is what I was looking for. The black handle is superb. I wasn't sure what it was made of and thought...
  16. polaris

    Weishi Long Handle Rattling?

    I really enjoy the Weishi long handled butterfly razor. Mild, smooth and fairly effective. I also really like the way it looks. Question though, does anyone else's rattle in the head area when the butterfly doors are fully closed? I'm collect vintage Super Speeds and am not used to my razors...
  17. polaris

    Gillette Tech Y3 1953 Zinc Alloy or Brass?

    Hello Everyone, Are the 1953 "Y" date Gillette Techs brass or zinc-alloy heads? The razor in question has the "Gillette" logo etched on the top cap. Thanks Much
  18. polaris

    My new Gillette 1960s Giromatic

    Hi All, I purchased a new old old stock (uncirculated) Gillette GiroMatic Rocket. This Rocket came in its original case and instructions are in French and German. Made in England for the French market early 1960s. Very smooth TTO action as expected and very, very nice shave. Smooth and...
  19. polaris

    Gillette Red Tip Rocket Lost its Butter

    Hi All, I have a Gillette Red Tip Rocket which I love dearly. The TTO action though has lost that buttery smooth action particular to Rockets. It turns more like a Super Speed. Is this fixable? If so, any recommendations on someone who has experience and would do a good job? Don't want...
  20. polaris

    Favorite Dipping Creams?

    Hi All, I enjoy soft soap shaving cream. I dip the tip of my brush in and then lather up in my favorite bowl. I enjoy Proraso tube products and their new line as well. I've tried the English "Ts" and absolutely love Cyril Salter. Saint James is always a winner too. I'm looking to try...
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