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  1. sneefy

    Salsa bowls: 3 for $4 shipped.

    Amazon I've bought these in the past and have given a couple away. IMO, perfect size and shape for lathering.
  2. sneefy

    WTB Nordost Aftershave

    I finally got around to using a sample that I was gifted last Christmas. It's AMAZING. I'll need more. If anyone has a near-new bottle and it just didn't tickle their fancy, I'll take it off your hands. I'll pay you market and ship you a barely used Fatip Grande (in gunmetal!) for free. Not...
  3. sneefy

    Aleppo soap source?

    For those that know and use Aleppo soap, do you have a favorite source? Thanks.
  4. sneefy

    B&B Razor I.D. Service required

    Good day. I have a couple vintage razors given to me by my father. I've done some searching but would appreciate the collective knowledge of this excellent forum. A vintage Gillette OC of some kind and an early (30's) EverReady? What do you think?
  5. sneefy

    Fav soap/cream for women?

    This could go in either the Soaps sub-forum, the cream sub-forum, or duplicate threads in either, but I hate duplicate threads, so I'll post in general. I'd like to get a soap or cream or two for my wife so she can try out DE shaving. I picked up a lavender Yaqi DOC and a brush in the 11.11...
  6. sneefy

    FS Guerlain Vetiver, 4 soaps

    For sale: A 6.7 oz. bottle of Guerlain Vetiver. I blind bought it recently (from FragranceNet) based on recommendations and while I can see why it's a classic, I find it's just not for me. Maybe 12 sprays, so it's nearly new. $40. Also, 4 soaps. I really like the scents of all of these, but...
  7. sneefy

    Review: Captain's Choice Nor'Easter

    I was lucky enough to win a bottle of Nor'Easter in the Halloween contest run by @Captain Pre-Capsize Thank you Captain! First thing I did when I received the bottle was to simply splash a little on. No shave, was just curious about the scent and feel. A feeling was immediately evoked. It...
  8. sneefy

    PIF: Quorum

    In honor of a new job I have just accepted I'm giving away my Quorum. My tastes have changed and I just don't wear it. These days I prefer something less aggressive, but still masculine. For those that don't know Quorum, it's the quintessential Oakmoss bomb. Also has green notes, leather...
  9. sneefy

    Proraso sale at Italian Barber

    Sorry if this thread is redundant. Looks like Italian Barber is having a sale on the standard lines of Proraso creams, soaps, balms, AS, etc. I'm guessing they are cleaning house before the new packaging arrives.
  10. sneefy

    Travel Tech case giveaway.

    Just the case! It has an unusual floral pattern and a cool button design. From 1965. Vinyl is still soft. I doused it in isopropyl alcohol just in case. Thought someone might want it if you're a Tech collection completionist. Free of charge to whomever wants it! First person to reply gets it.
  11. sneefy

    n00b checking in.

    Greetings all. After using a Gillette Sensor and cheap gels for my entire shaving life, I've decided to start shaving like a man. Focusing right now on safety razors. I'm starting with a Feather Popular and a few different brushes and soaps. I've already started acquiring several vintage...
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