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  1. wishbone

    Rare sighting . This makes two .

    So ....... I was mooching about Google images, trying to tweak out an image that might help me ID a handle fitted to an Ever Ready 1912 ......... And this catches my eye, from a Pinterest feed ...... Insofar as I am absolutely aware now .......... That means there are now two almost...
  2. wishbone

    #16 Aristocrat 'Gillette' diamond stamp

    I'd never noticed this before ...... But I thought I'd get a snap of it before I reassembled the #16 the parts belong to. I was curious to know if anybody else had seen this stamp on the push shaft before while their #16s were in bits?
  3. wishbone

    Gold Brit TV Rocket

    I grabbed this from Fleabay at the weekend: It's just been delivered and I'm looking it over ....... It is what it seems to be: a gold, British made TV Rocket. There are a couple of threads relating to gold, US made TV Specials, but I've never seen one of these before. Apart from a ding in...
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