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    Am I falling into the rabbit hole again?

    So it’s 2020 and I really don’t want to think (or talk) about all the bad news that we are hearing everywhere. And I know it’s been a while since I post here...literally, years. During this time many things have happened... sadly, I stopped using my straight razors due to lack of time, for...
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    Captain's Choice Bay Rum problems

    Hello everyone! I've been having a problem with this particular AS lately and I wanted to ask you for your opinions. I started using this AS a few weeks ago and I liked the scent and light stinging sensation even though I'm not a huge fan of the clover, which after a few minutes fades away...
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    A beginner's review - pic heavy

    Hello from Vancouver!! although this is not my first post, I think it’s probably my most extensive one. I’ve been using a straight razor for about a month. I have two different blades and I alternate one each day. I started with a parker shavette which was a great way to start getting the hang...
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    Shops in Las Vegas

    Hello Everyone! I might go to Vegas for a couple of days in November and I was hoping to find some shops where I could find SR equipment. More specifically, I would love to find a nice Straight Razor and Brush. So far... I know of The Art of Shaving and I've heard about Truefitt and Hill...
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    Hello from Vancouver - New guy here

    Hello everyone at the Badger&Blade! I just started shaving with a Straight Razor and I'm loving every minute of it! The comments I get when I say I use a SR are amazing. I've got "Be careful with the jugular" "That's so cool" and even "That's pretty bad a**" Which I have to say that I do feel...
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