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  1. MostaccioMan

    Pretty razors & combos

    I haven't seen a thread on the prettiest or the most aesthetically pleasing razors that people own. Thought I'll start my own here. Pics do count a lot here. They're my pretties and also happen to be my top 4 favorite razors with their respective blades which work best with them. That's the...
  2. MostaccioMan

    Soap recommendations for oily skin

    I've never used shave soaps in 4 years of DE shaving. Always been happy with Indian shaving creams which are just lather bombs. But with people singing the praises of so many soaps here, I'd like to try out a soap or two. I have extremely oily and sweaty skin, prone to acne if I shave...
  3. MostaccioMan

    Forged in fire 🔥

    This is gonna look weird: An Indian posting about and out-and-out American show on History TV. I just love Forged in Fire so much! I've followed it for the last 5 years religiously, probably the only Indian to bootleg copies of the new show when they're not franchised back home. I love all 3...
  4. MostaccioMan

    Batman shaves with a Gillette cart... Loses a fan!

    Just watched the new Justice League movie in the theatres yesterday and today. There's nothing in it that would make me watch 2 hrs of Zack Snyder's superhero-sized existential crisis documentary, so why did I watch it twice? Because of one scene where Bruce Wayne uses a dang cartridge razor...
  5. MostaccioMan

    Anything but a Polsilver...

    I'm giving up on Polsilvers! Going by the myriad reviews on B&B, praising these legendary blades, that sounds akin to blasphemy, but I'm not shaving with a Polsilver again. To give some background: I have a sensitive face, prone to acne when I'm not getting a clean shave every 48 hrs. This...
  6. MostaccioMan

    2 blades in 1 shave... Best shave of my life!

    So, I went bonkers today and tried out 2 blades in a single shave. I got what's possibly the closest, smoothest, and best shave of my life! The tools: A Qshave futur clone, Fresh Feather and Polsilver blades, Old Spice shaving cream and Nivea sensitive AS lotion The Shave: I loaded the Feather...
  7. MostaccioMan

    Heavy Razor-head suggestions

    I've been shaving for 12 years, but moved to DE just a year back. I've just about perfected my technique, but I find myself leaning towards heavier razors. And I mean the ones with heavier razor heads, not just a handle the size of a toothbrush. I've seen threads where people have asked about...
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