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  1. Bakker1964

    R.I.P. Hammerin' Hank

    When no less a persona than Muhammad Ali says that you are the only person he idolized more than himself, that says something about your stature in sport. Rest in Peace, Mr. Aaron. MLB: Hank Aaron dies at age of 86 (yahoo.com)
  2. Bakker1964

    RIP General Chuck Yeager

    General Yeager was 97 years old. The example of calm cool and collected when things went wrong in the cockpit, Yeager was the prototype for modern pilots both military AND civilian. May his memory be a blessing.
  3. Bakker1964

    Remembrance Day / Veterans Day

    Gentlemen, and ladies, if you will permit me a moment . . . In Flanders fields the poppies blow Between the crosses, row on row, That mark our place; and in the sky The larks, still bravely singing, fly Scarce heard amid the guns below. We are the Dead. Short days ago We lived, felt dawn...
  4. Bakker1964


    Not a complete newb, but I am looking to delve further. Can anyone recommend a good (free) app for phone play? Books will come later, but I want something to noodle about with.
  5. Bakker1964


    So, for those who may not know, a solara bottle is one which has been mostly drained, to which you add the last few drams of another bottle. Always the same spirit "type", but over the long haul, you end up with a kind of Frankenstein's blend of, say, Bourbon or Gin, etc. I recently did this...
  6. Bakker1964

    A Bakker's Dozen

    Following in @RookieGuy 's footsteps I plan to keep a chronology of my wanderings through the world of pipes and pipe tobacco. I have never been a "smoker" but, a little over a year ago, I became interested in cigars. I currently have a small fridge humidor holding around 100 cigars, and all...
  7. Bakker1964

    Savinelli question

    Are the pipes in their "First pipe" offering any different from the "regular" pipes on offer? In other words, if I order a "320" style pipe via the first pipe package, is it any different from just a regular 320 elsewhere on their site?
  8. Bakker1964

    When are you "done"?

    Second bowl today . . . only loaded about 3/4 full, as my intent was to keep relighting until I was certain I had nothing left unburnt in the bowl. Well, mission accomplished, to a degree. the carbon within the bowl now reaches down to where the shank enters and there is carbon on the shank...
  9. Bakker1964

    Screens . . .

    Anybody use them? I assume they are meant to sit in the bottom of the bowl to prevent ash from heading up the stem and into your mouth. Seems kind of gimmicky to me, though I suppose they "could" provide an air pocket when you pack your pipe.
  10. Bakker1964

    RECOMMENDS . . .

    Just what the title says . . . I have been smoking cigars regularly for about a year now. I am narrowing my field to a few trusted marques that I enjoy, and will likely stick with a steady supply of those, while purchasing the occasional one off "just to try it". My wife has always mentioned...
  11. Bakker1964

    Meanwhile, in Canada . . .

  12. Bakker1964

    So long, buddy . . .

    I have always believed that a man "shoots his own dog", so to speak. Last night, my boy made that choice unnecessary . . . A little over 13 years ago a ginger tom cat named Winston stepped out of his cage at the animal shelter into my arms and over my shoulder. He stayed there, purring, until...
  13. Bakker1964

    R.I.P. Terry Jones

    The second of the Pythons to meet the choir invisible. He was 77 and suffered from dementia.
  14. Bakker1964

    Merry Christmas . . .

    A very merry Christmas to all and sundry. My journey into cigars this year has been made easier by this sub-Forum. And by easier, I mean more $$$ departing my wallet . . . LOL. At least it went to useful purchases thanks to you all. See you in 2020.
  15. Bakker1964


    Sorry, gentlemen, but I need to get this off my chest . . . My brother-in-law is a very nice guy, with a lovely wife. They frequently visit a specific resort in Cuba and have, over the years, become very friendly with several members of the staff. Prior to a recent trip, and sharing a mutual...
  16. Bakker1964

    FS Wolfman WR2

    Selling my Wolfman WR2 razor with WRH2 Handle. Some people will only drive Cadillacs, others are fine with a nice Chevy. I am firmly in the latter category. And so, the details . . . WR2 Razor in Basic Mirror Polish Dual Comb plate (0.95 on the OC side, 1.05 on the SB side) WRH2 Handle...
  17. Bakker1964


    I live in Ontario where the tax on a cigar is in the 40-50% range on the retail price. I stopped in at a tobacco shop attached to a local grocery store, and discovered that one of my preferred cigars (MF - Flor des Antillas) is about $2.00 per unit cheaper than the specialty shop I have been...
  18. Bakker1964

    Cigar tubes . . .

    Okay . . . I know enough to check my sticks for mold or possible beetle infestation before throwing them into storage. My question is about the metal tubes that some come packed in. Do you take them out? Loosen the cap? Doesn't matter so long as the temps and RH are good?
  19. Bakker1964

    FS Charcoal Goods LVL 2 Bright Copper

    Hammered handle, used less than a dozen times, ships with full packaging minus the coaster. Asking $245USD Paypal F&F shipped.
  20. Bakker1964

    Makeshift Humidor

    I received an "ammo case" (metal) as the container for my groomsman gift at a wedding a while back. It seems to seal fairly tightly, and I am wondering if I can use it as a makeshift humidor to store extra cigars until I decide on a real humidor down the road. I'm thinking that some sort of...
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