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  1. Al Bundy

    Recommend Something New For Me

    As you like lime and also T&H then their West Indian Limes would be a good choice. I know you said no TOBS but have you tried their new Lime Zest? I bought it recently and am loving it
  2. Al Bundy

    Kent Infinity Brush .....

    I have one of those small Kent Infinity Silvertex brushes. It's a pretty good brush but I did find that due to it's small size getting it to splay on the face was a bit more challenging than with a larger brush such as my Yaqi Tuxedo, though the Yaqi is larger. The tips, whilst not harsh, are...
  3. Al Bundy

    Good morning from a wet Monday in Manchester, UK.

    Greetings from the Midlands Nobody from Manchester supports Man Utd! Lol
  4. Al Bundy

    Gillette - 7 O'Clock SharpEdge (Yellow Pack)

    When I switched to DE from carts my first blades were the ones that came with my razor and were not great performers to me. Following advice here I tried a blade sampler and the first one out was the 7 o'clock yellow. Since then I have not looked back and they have become my favourite blade...
  5. Al Bundy

    Orange / Grapefruit Soap Recommendations

    Phoenix & Beau Albion is grapefruity
  6. Al Bundy

    TOBS creams about to be discontinued

    I thought Platinum was one of the more recent ones from just a couple of years ago?
  7. Al Bundy

    UK PIF - Gillette razor, Tabac soap, blades, boar brush, Shulton Old Spice and.... a nice bottle.

    I'm in. Based in UK and have been curious about vintage razors for a while :)
  8. Al Bundy

    Gillette 7 O'clock Super Stainless (green) - VS - Gillette 7 O'clock SharpEdge (yellow)

    When I began DE shaving the yellow was the 2nd blade I ever tried from a blade sampler. It became my favourite and I've yet to find a blade that matches it.
  9. Al Bundy

    Nivea 2-Phase Aftershave Lotion

    I love this product but when I came to buy more recently couldn't find it anywhere. Ironically the last one I bought, not so long ago, had the word "new" on the box so going to be a bit naff if it's been discontinued
  10. Al Bundy

    Using a soap stick

    As soon as I've tried them I will 😁
  11. Al Bundy

    Using a soap stick

    Wet your face as normal. Dip the stick in water and rub on stubble then work into lather with brush. Tbh I've not heard of a bad shave stick so far. Worthy of special mention are Palmolive (ridiculously cheap and brilliant scent & performance) and Tabac (not as cheap but still brilliant)...
  12. Al Bundy

    TOBS Sandalwood Shave Cream. Wow!

    Of those the only one I have is the Peppermint but I really like it Performance wise I'd say most TOBS creams are very similar and this is one is just as good as you'd expect if you're a fan. The scent is unmistakably Peppermint. And it's s icy cold! Brilliant during summer time I do want to...
  13. Al Bundy

    What are you unpacking/ opening today, show pics or video, we love pics

    Purchases for January (+100 Gillette 7 o'clock yellows I forgot to put in pic). It may be an expensive 2021 at this rate 😳
  14. Al Bundy

    *Fatip Slant*

    Well at long last my Ikon Tek finally arrived, review to follow soon...
  15. Al Bundy

    Blade irritation or something else

    I don't get redness but I do get itchy after using Astra SP which I attribute to the coating as it's the only blade so far that causes it
  16. Al Bundy

    Is there a cheaper version of the King C Gillette blades?

    This, for me, is one of the reasons I bought a KCG razor and blades. I wasn't mortally wounded by Gillette's recent controversial ad campaigns but I did find them a bit irksome. Despite this, as the world's biggest player, I would rather have them supporting DE shaving than opposing it.
  17. Al Bundy

    Is there a cheaper version of the King C Gillette blades?

    Another way of looking at it is that Gillette just can't help itself when it comes to the price of blades. Despite years of criticism for overpriced carts they put overpriced DE's next to them on the shelf (keeping in mind that in the same aisle you can get variously Wilkinson Sword, rebranded...
  18. Al Bundy

    Is there a cheaper version of the King C Gillette blades?

    What's even more frustrating perhaps is that here in the UK the entire KCG range has been on sale at discount price in several retailers. The entire range except the blades that is...
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