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  1. Cino

    How do you use an adjustable?

    I haven't voted because that's why I'm asking. Is there a correct way to use an adjustable?
  2. Cino

    Timeless Slim Ti

    I've been a daily morning shaver for a long time, but recently I've switched to evening shaves. This has resulted in skipping one or more days between shaves because at the end of the day I'm just less enthusiastic about shaving. Hence I've been gravitating to more aggressive razors...
  3. Cino

    Vector SB or OC?

    Anybody have both of these and care to elaborate?
  4. Cino

    There's Somethin' bout Brass

    I just really dig this metal. I may do a profile on each of these as time permits. Feel free to post your own brass eye candy.
  5. Cino

    What's the best blue?

    Summertime pairs nicely with Floid Blue knockoffs. I currently use B&M Cool and Epsilon Blue. I like them both, though I think that Cool may be the better of the two. How many other variants of Blue are our there? Can anyone offer advice to someone who can't get enough of the stuff?
  6. Cino

    Blood Thinners

    Thanks to a recent heart attack, I'm on a healthy dose of blood thinners. Then yesterday when discovering a new way not to clean a razor, I gave my finger a nice clean cut that resulted in a gusher. I simply could not stop the bleeding. Direct pressure for an hour worked only as long as the...
  7. Cino

    Can balms go bad?

    I used my Soap Commander Vision balm for the first time in a year maybe. I think I detected a whiff of rancid oil. Has anyone else had a similar experience?
  8. Cino

    Proraso: lotion, balm or both?

    Anybody prefer one over the other or are you supposed to use both?
  9. Cino

    I think I've bought enough stuff

    I was just thinking about all of the stuff I have that I don't have enough time to use - razors, brushes, soaps - and thinking that maybe I don't need any more stuff. Anyone else feel that way?
  10. Cino

    Do you respond to polls?

    I'm curious. Results will be published in the Journal of Polls and Surveys.
  11. Cino

    Caring for ebonite

    Is there anything recommended to do to care for ebonite? I've read that it can oxidize over time. I know that pipe smokers sometimes treat ebonite pipe stems to preserve them.
  12. Cino

    Combating Wu Flu boredom

    Being a good citizen, or a paranoid one, I'm avoiding unwarranted outings. That's making me appreciate a nice slow shave. Take time to smell the coffee as they say. So I had a thought. What's better than a nice slow shave? Why, two nice slow shaves of course. I'm thinking that I could dig...
  13. Cino

    Wolfman WR2 OC vs SB?

    Can anyone describe the difference between the open comb and the solid bar WR2? I have a WR1 OC and find it very similar to the WR1 SB. Is there any consensus for the WR2?
  14. Cino

    New TOBS Fan

    TOBS creams have been dropping in price over the past couple of years to the point where they are bargains. I've always been a fan of Rose, but recently I've acquired Avacado, Lemon & Lime and Sandalwood. These are nice creams and I've been getting some great shaves. I wonder if, like Tabac...
  15. Cino

    Christmas Shave

    Share your Christmas shave pic!
  16. Cino

    Simpson's poll

    I'm just wondering how popular Simpson brushes are. There is a lot of variety in their lineup and they seem to get a good bit of mention.
  17. Cino

    Why rubber?

    I noticed that a lot of vintage brushes have knots set in rubber. Anybody know why that was done?
  18. Cino

    PIF: Wolfman WR2

    Does anyone want to PIF me a Wolfman WR2?
  19. Cino

    Travel suggestions welcome!

    I don't travel too much but now I'm planning a road trip. Space and weight really won't be an issue. I was wondering how much stuff I could bring before it became more hassle than it'd be worth. Suggestions from seasoned or unseasoned travelers welcome. I thought maybe a few synthetic...
  20. Cino

    I have too many soaps!

    There. I said it. Baby steps.
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