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  1. Tirvine

    ATT M gap

    I'll be a little surprised if anyone on B&B has gone for an Above the Tie with the M gap (.25), but if you have, what is the efficiency like? Can you get a BBS with three passes or is it so mild the whiskers laugh at it? People speak of the R as if it is already quite mild.
  2. Tirvine

    If you WEREN'T a hobbyist, what would you choose or recommend?

    Whether choosing it for yourself or recommending it to someone else, what would it be, assuming they just wanted one razor to say, "Yes, this is awesome..."? Would you direct them (or yourself) to vintage Gillettes? Maybe multiplates, like Rockwells, or something else, like an ATT or a...
  3. Tirvine

    ATT/Timeless/Brand X vs AS-D2

    I currently use and very much like an AS-D2, but I am curious about comparably constructed and priced razors offering great comfort but probably a tad more aggressive nature, capable of BBS without the patience and persistence the AS-D2 sometimes requires. How would the ATT and Timeless...
  4. Tirvine

    Questions about buying a new razor and blades

    First, would buying a new razor for someone else render me ineligible to participate in a thread in which I abstain from new purchases? Second, do those commitments include refraining from buying new blades if you are actually running low? Third, the real question: My son in law has a fairly...
  5. Tirvine

    Poll ...I use water, soap or cream, a brush, a razor, and an aftershave

    Do you use: 1) water or no pre, lather with a puck or cream, shave with either a razor and blade or a straight, and use an aftershave 2) all of the above plus any and all of pre, alum, witch hazel, moisturizer, etc. 3) even less, omitting (fill in blank)
  6. Tirvine

    Army Navy

    I realize this is college football, but it goes beyond football. The Middies are, of course, sorry they did not win, but they congratulate the Black Nights of the Hudson on their win. Intense rivals but also closely bonded, they are an example for all of us.
  7. Tirvine

    Leftover cranberries

    We still had a few leftover cranberries from Thanksgiving, gracing the bottom of a container in the back of the fridge. I mixed them with some jalapeño mustard and used the concoction with a sliced pork tenderloin. I liked it, and the simplicity was nice. I have made cranberry mostarda in...
  8. Tirvine

    A handle question regarding grippiness

    I have two razors. One has a multifacted handle, but each surface is smooth. I cannot recall if has six sides or eight. The other has a round handle, but it has a pattern, sort of a grid or guilloche. Does anyone make a handle that has both features? I find the facted handle easier and more...
  9. Tirvine


    I read various posts about causes of irritation and shavers noting nicks and weepers. Sure, over the years I have nicked myself, but I am not able to recall a straight edge or DE shave leaving my face or neck feeling irritated. As to nicks, I attribute the rare nick to using a blade with which...
  10. Tirvine

    Vegetable broth

    This is so easy and so useful. It makes the perfect base for a quick minestrone and is also great in risotto. Keep a one gallon freezer bag in the freezer, and whenever you have vegetable trimmings that would be good in broth, toss them in. I use onion, carrot, and celery ends (the classic)...
  11. Tirvine

    Tirvine's Entry to the Hall of Fame

    What is your real name? Tim Irvine What are your nicknames/aliases? Tim Where do you live? Austin, Texas What is your age (or) generation? 71 What are you in the real world? Retired attorney and state government agency head What is your favorite shave setup? I like my Edwin Jagger razor...
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