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  1. Adis653

    WTB Or trade for Karve SB E plate

    Looking to buy Karve SB E plate. Willing to also trade SB B plate in brass. Thank you!
  2. Adis653

    FS Den Clearing

    Looking to get rid of some products I simply didn’t use for the most part. Please add $5 to any package for shipping. CONUS only. PayPal friends and family please. Thank you!!! Pre de Provence No 63 Soap: $6 Balm: $4 Pre de Provence priginal Balm: $10 Son of Zues- used 3-4...
  3. Adis653

    Zingari Man Aftershave Balm - Sego vs Vegan

    I received the sego formula last week and have used it a few times. It’s very nice but it’s thick. For me a bit too thick. Especially for the summer months. I ordered the vegan formula last night. I’m expecting that I’ll prefer that formula. My favorite balm is Brickell because it’s very light...
  4. Adis653

    WTB Karve CB Brass SB-B

    Just got my Karve after a few months of waiting. Looking to buy a SB B plate if anyone has one. Willing to trade a D plate.
  5. Adis653

    Rockwell 6s vs Karve CB vs Razorock GC

    Hi guys. I just received a Karve CB after months of anticipation. I have been using my Razorock GC as a daily driver for about a year and my Rockwell 6s for a few years prior to that. At similar price points and adjustability options, I love all 3. I have a favorite, but curious what everyone...
  6. Adis653

    Cheap Strop

    Just picked up my first straight; a vintage Geneva 6/8! Pumped! I live pretty close to Geneva so particularly sweet. Got it on the cheap, honed and ready to go. Not sure if I’ll like it, but need a strop. I want something cheap but effective. I might only use the straight a few times and scrap...
  7. Adis653

    Skipping WTG Pass - An experiment

    Hey guys. I’ve been a “wet shaver” since around 2013 or thereabouts. I put that in parentheses because of course I mean that’s when I purchased my first de. I shaved with a cart for the 10 years prior. Ill preface with the premise; I’m skipping the WTG pass to cut down on irritation and improve...
  8. Adis653

    APR Bombora

    Does anyone know where I can buy APR Bombora aftershave in the US?
  9. Adis653

    FSOT Aftershave Lot

    A few full sized and a few sample aftershaves. Mostly drug store/classic scents. Some are more used than others. I’d like to get $20 for them. Also willing to trade for other aftershaves or unused soaps or credit towards something. I’m open minded on that.
  10. Adis653

    Looking for similar scent strength to Proraso Green Lotion

    So it’s been quite the journey for me. I have been using a number of balms after my shaves for years. I have always played around with splashes before applying a balm. Recently I decided to skip the balm and use a splash only. I have had fantastic results. My face has never been so blemish free...
  11. Adis653

    FSOT Declaration Grooming MOTI

    Declaration Grooming Massacre Of The Innocents - Unused. $20 shipped. Willing to trade for another unused soap, brush, or razor.
  12. Adis653

    WTB RR Game Changer .68 Head

    Looking to buy Game Changer .68 head only. I have the .84 and I like it but it can be a bit to aggressive for me. I don’t want to shell out another $50.
  13. Adis653

    Phillips Oneblade Review

    I’m 30 and have been “wet” shaving since 14. I used a cart until I was about 20 when I picked up shaving with a de. I was sick of the crummy shaves, the razor burn, and the ingrown hairs. Not to mention, the price tag for carts. Shaving with a DE has solved all my problems in those areas (except...
  14. Adis653

    Thayers Original Astringent

    After years (15 or so LOL) of searching for the right after shave routine for my skin, I have recently realized that Thayers makes an astringent with alcohol and a toner without. I have several iterations of the toner, but purchased my first astringent in the original scent last week. It is...
  15. Adis653

    Barrister and Mann Aftershave Formula

    Did I see somewhere that B&M is going to be using the reserve aftershave ingredients with their classic scents? I would love Seville in the reserve formula. The reserve line of as have really great ingredients.
  16. Adis653

    Arko - Love/Hate

    I recently added Arko shave soap to one of my maggards purchases to try it out for the first time. I have dozens of artisanal soaps and some of the classic mass production soaps, but I usually stick to artisanal. I needed to add a few bucks to get free shipping and I’ve wanted to try Arko so I...
  17. Adis653

    Over shaving?

    Does anyone else’s face get a bit leathery? I have shaved everyday for the last year or so and my face has gotten a bit leathery. I’m thinking a day off a week would do me some good.
  18. Adis653

    Barrister and Mann Seville Aftershave

    I recently ordered and received some as samples and maggards was out of Seville so I couldn’t order it at the time but did order Cologne Russe which is nice and just enough scent strength, but I love the scent of Seville soap. Before I blind buy it, has anyone used the as? Does it smell...
  19. Adis653

    Mild scented aftershave splash

    I’m looking for an aftershave splash that has little to no scent or even better, an aftershave with a scent that I enjoy that is gone shortly after application. I do not like smelling strongly of aftershave or having too long a linger. Must be alcohol based. I am currently using Fine Snake Bite...
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