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  1. 80211ac

    Shaving brush - how do you know its time to change?

    Wondered if folks here have a trick to know when a badger brush has passed its peak and its time for replacement? Are there any telltale signs? Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
  2. 80211ac

    Doubling up on razors.

    Just wondering what razors you have bought in multiples and your reasoning behind as I often see many folks buying the same razor twice or more to keep in stock. Just wondering what drives your decision-making! Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
  3. 80211ac

    Fatip slant open comb - need advice.

    So just got my fatip slant OC in the post and it looks different to my mk1 piccolo. I have not shaved with this yet but been checking the blade alignment and razor itself. The plating quality is still lacking and hasn't improved much since my first piccolo in 2014 as you can see in the first...
  4. 80211ac

    Miami and Sarasota shaving shops

    Hello all, I'll be travelling to Miami and Sarasota in June and I was wondering if any of the folks know of any places to stock up on shaving supplies. Especially the items that never make it to the UK. Any input will be really appreciated as I haven't been to either of these two places...
  5. 80211ac

    New 10x pack for gillette black India (saloon pack)

    Has anyone come across these? I have just picked up 2 boxes containing 10packs each containing 10 blades. These are cheaper than before. I remember buying 5pack and 5+2p pack for nearly the same price. On first sight, they look the same but feel ever so thin. Then I compared it with normal pack...
  6. 80211ac

    With pound going down! What would be a good buy blades these days?

    Happy to hear from people who have recently bought bulk blades. Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  7. 80211ac

    Naples Italy

    Going to Naples for a week. Any suggestions go shaving supplies? Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  8. 80211ac

    Seville Spain shopping

    Hi I'm in seville for a few weeks. Any suggestions what to buy and where? Sent from my H60-L02 using Tapatalk
  9. 80211ac

    Are DE, SE razors  inefficient? A serious question

    I have been using on and off DE,SE, Straight and Cartridge razors for years. One thing that I have found with DE,SE is the number of passes required. Regardless of an efficient or aggressive razor and blade combination, Why do you need to do a minimum of 2 and any number of passes for the upper...
  10. 80211ac

    Gillette 7 o'clock blades - made in India

    Hi Does anyone know which double edge blades are still made in India. On one of my previous trips to India I could only find Gillette Wilkinson and Gillette Blacks plus some Topaz which I didn't try. Gillette Wilkinson are below average for me. Gillette Blacks are OK. I have a feeling that...
  11. 80211ac

    Munich and shaving supplies

    Hello, I will be travelling to Munich for a few days. I was wondering if anyone has any tips on products or shops that I could explore. Thanks V
  12. 80211ac

    Gillette vs Mostochlegmash quality

    Hello, In my limited experience with 8-10 blades coming out of Russia, I find that most blades out of Gillette plant seem to be better in terms of sharpness and smoothness when compared with Mostochlegmash. Is this what others have found too? Cost isn't a factor here just the product's...
  13. 80211ac

    Muhle r41 2011 and ...

    I have muhle r41 2013 and fatip piccolo. Do you think it's worth investing in 2011 r41 which will give me more than I can already get from the above two or is it going to be purely psychological experience that yes I hAve used the most aggressive or 10% more aggressive than 2013 model. I would...
  14. 80211ac

    Single edge razor worth it?

    Hi I would like to understand why one would go for single edge razor and with limited choice of blades with it when one already can have a good double edge razor say muhle r41 for example. Is it because because single edge razor is cheap and wouldn't harm to give it go and keep it as a...
  15. 80211ac

    help me with shaving brush hair please

    hi all, I just need some help in finding out what these brushes are made of? I went to spain for holiday and bought two of these for 9 euros each along with soap etc. The shopkeeper did tell me what these hair were but with my limited spanish and his limited english i could not make what he...
  16. 80211ac

    Help me shaving brush hair?

    Hi I was in Spain for holiday aNd went to a village shop and bought two shaving brushes for €9.00 each. With my limited Spanish I couldn't work out what shopkeeper said about which animal hair. I'm posting photos hair for someone to make a better guess than I can. I can't compare these with my...
  17. 80211ac

    Help me with shaving brush hair

    Hi I bought shaving brush in Spain on holiday like many things I buy in Spain as they still have old school good quality stuff. I paid €9.00 each for two of these shaving brushes in a old village type shop. With my limited Spanish I couldn't make it out which hair brush when shopkeeper told me...
  18. 80211ac

    Razor blade ranking by sharpness

    hi all, It's my first post. I started with DE shaving when I was a young boy and then moved on to cart shaving and now back to DE again and probably will be looking at straight razor in next 6-8 months. I have spent good 4-5 hours searching for a post where the blades were ranked according to...
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