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    Legacy Shave - has anyone seen this nonsense?

    A lot of close minded people on this forum, unfortunately. As I said earlier, I had something similar back in the 80’s and it worked well. Is it as good as a traditional soap or cream with brush? For me, no, but others may have a different opinion. Why knock it? Especially since most of you...
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    Legacy Shave - has anyone seen this nonsense?

    Had something similar when I was in college back in the 80’s. Worked well enough, easy and convenient.
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    Proraso preshave cream

    Ha, I was remembering correctly. See this thread for a picture of Proraso pre and dopo barba. https://www.badgerandblade.com/forum/threads/proraso-pre-post-cream.3/
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    Proraso preshave cream

    Agreed. I seem to remember many years ago (think early 2000’s) it was labeled as pre and post shave cream. I’ve used it both ways, and generally prefer it as a post shave cream most of the time. I don’t know when they changed the labelling to pre shave cream. Or maybe it was never...
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    Moving back to carts - what is the overall best (quality / price / longevity) non-Gillette system to try?

    Shick hydro 5 works great, and I can use them for at least a month per cartridge.
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    Proraso new packaging designs 2019?

    And the other two:
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    Proraso Red Super Formula

    Forza Italia!
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    Proraso Red Super Formula

    Wife picked the Green Super Formula for my evening shave. The new super formula is without a doubt much slicker than the old formula, as was described previously by others. Super slick, which makes for a nice shave. However, like the old formula, the slickness goes away quickly once you make a...
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    Proraso Red Super Formula

    FWIW, I ordered from LaBarbiera on eBay on Mar 22nd. Arrived in the US (California) today, April 10. I’m now ready for the remainder of my quarantine. Not sure which I’ll try first, probably either the Red (wife’s favorite scent), or the Green (which she also likes).
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    Proraso new packaging designs 2019?

    I’m ready for the remainder of my quarantine...
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    How do you build your lather with a cream?

    I use an ice cream stick to scoop up a small almond sized dollop, and smear it onto my neck. Then use my brush to create a nice later, starting neck first, then onto the rest of my face.
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    Confession: I no longer enjoy using natural hair brushes..

    I doubt I’ll ever use a badger brush again. I’m a face latherer. First tried a 24mm Yaqui, liked it but it was a little too big. Then I got a 22mm Synbad from APshave and have been using that since.
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    Brush Drying

    I’ve never had an issue with my badger brush drying in 24 hours, and I used it every day. But, if your bathroom doesn’t have decent airflow, I could see how it might not be enough time. Perhaps you should consider a synthetic brush? They dry much quicker than badger. I got a nice synthetic...
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    A Question for Cartridge Users

    Several reasons: It’s faster. I never get nicks or weepers (my wife has white towels in the bathroom, so any unnoticed weepers stain the towels). I get a great shave with minimal effort- two passes give me bbs- it takes at least 3 passes + touch up to get the same results with a DE. I’ll...
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    Nivea Men Deep Charcoal Shaving Gel

    Can you use it with a brush?
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    Settled on the Hydro5 - a cut above the rest (or under)

    I switched to the hydro 5 after the Gillette fiasco, after trying Dorco and Harry’s. Quite comfortable and a nice shave. I think the trimmer thingy is a little gimmicky, and wish they had a separate blade on the back like all the others. My only other gripe is that I wish there were...
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    Synthetic w/soft face feel & backbone

    Try an APS shave Synbad. I have one in 22mm, and it’s a great brush.
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    Best alternative to Gillette Fusion Proglide

    If you want smooth on the skin, then the Schick Hydro 5 is the choice. Harry’s gives a decent shave, but not very smooth. Dorco 6+ felt horrible on my face, like it was scraping my skin off. And of course, as usual, YMMV, so it may be worth it to try a couple and see what you like.
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    Stirling MITA + what cream for superlather

    Picked up an original scent Cremo, and also ordered a tube of unscented AOS cream. Will try both.
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