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    Do you keep shaving until you can't feel any stubble left?

    Three passes with the Leaf. Atg, xtg and atg and I'm done.
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    Have you ever liked a razor so much you bought it more than once?

    After my first shave with the Leaf Razor I ordered another. With the prejudice for DEs I didn't know how long the Leaf would be available. Happy as I'm now waiting for a Twig to try.
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    What razor in your collection is your favorite go-to razor?

    Leaf, but waiting for a Katana and a Twig to trial....
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    Irritation, bleeding and stubble remaining.

    Any DE can bite. I've used the Leaf Razor nearly every day for two years. No problems, a great shave and I'm on blood thinners. YMMV...
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    Help! My Favourite Brush is Shedding!!!

    I use five boars in rotation so they always dry thoroughly between shaves. YMMV....
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    Help! My Favourite Brush is Shedding!!!

    A few of my boar brushes started losing hairs. I massaged a lot of hair conditioner into the hairs and let them sit on their bases for 24 hours. No more shedding....
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    What would our fathers and grandfathers really make of us?

    Soap sniffing lunatics.....love it!
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    How many blood-free shaves in a row?

    Coming up to two years blood and weeper free, I'm on blood thinners. Leaf Razor and two days with a Parker semi-slant.
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    Why are you a cream man...or a soap man?

    I add orange oil to Palmolive Cream in a tub at home. Occasionally I'll add coconut oil. For me, a travelling tub of soap is more convenient. YMMV!
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    Why are you a cream man...or a soap man?

    I face lather in the shower at home so I use a boar brush loaded with cream. I don't soak the brush, simply use the water already on my face, Leaf Razor. When I travel I use the stiffest synthetic brush that I've found, cut down to about half original height with a travelling tin of shaving...
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    Why are you a cream man...or a soap man?

    Soap for travelling, cream for home...
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    Best Modern SE Razor?

    My hybrid and core sit unloved in the drawer, even my son won't try them. The only razor I'm using now is the Leaf, choose your DE blade and enjoy...
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    Rythmic Razor

    Thanks for the reply. It seems like I would have to acquire the razor itself to be able to start the technical drawings. I'm pretty sure that some head parts could be pressed brass although blades were thicker and stiffer back in the day.... Will keep my eye on the Bay!
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    What general shaving items aren't you interested in?

    Until the oil runs out!!
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    Rythmic Razor

    Given that these razors still exist and we have the patent details, would it be possible to do a short/long run of components by printer to satisfy possible demand ? Just a thought....
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    What general shaving items aren't you interested in?

    At the moment I'm interested in my Leaf Razor, Palmolive cream with added orange oil and Five boar brushes in rotation. Everything else is superfluous....
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    PIF From the UK, for the UK

    Great idea! Would love to give this a go...
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    The LEAF Razor, Reviewed...

    So do you write food reviews without tasting it? Your uninformed opinion is worthless. Leaf is my daily driver, my Hybrid and DEs rot in a drawer....
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