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    Stirling MITA + what cream for superlather

    I’m a big fan of Stirling’s Margaritas in the Artic. I’m thinking it would be nice to try mixing it with a cream for a superlather. Any suggestions on what cream to use? Possibly an unscented might be the best route? It sounds like KMF is no longer available so that’s not an option. What...
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    Handles for Shick Hydro 5?

    Does anyone make handles for the Shick Hydro 5 cartridges? Like the cartridge, not as enameled of the handle. Lots of aftermarket choices for Gillette fusions, don’t really see anything for the Shick. Maybe I’m missing something in my search?
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    Small synthetic brush recommendation

    I recently got a Yaqi Synthetic (R1605-S, 24mm knot x 60mm loft) from West Coast shaving. I love the synthetic brush, but find it a little big for my taste, both knot size and loft. I was previously using a Omega 636 Silvertip badger, which had a 21mm knot and 51mm loft. I’m thinking...
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    Allen Edmond Stands- Fit vs. Park Avenues

    I have a pair of AE Park Avenue's in 8.5 EEE that fit great- if anything, they might be ever so slightly too wide. Thanks to a Morton's Neuroma, I have to wear wide shoes (+ Metatarsal pad). I recently ordered a pair of Strand's in 8.5 3E (since they are on the same last as the PA's) and they...
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    Difference between AOS cream and soap?

    Wondering what the difference is between the cream and the soap, specifically in the sandalwood? I picked up a travel size Sandalwood Cream while on vacation a couple of months ago. My wife absolutely loves the scent, and I like it too. She also likes the fact that the scent seems to linger...
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