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  1. azelyk

    Need Help with a Vintage Straight

    I'm currently travelling in Ukraine, and at one of the local markets in Lviv I came across this straight. it is genuine bone handle, and while we can't exactly discern what the handle material is, we are leaning towards ivory. The markings on the front of shank say Regilo, and the back you...
  2. azelyk

    Had to share.

    This picture came across my facebook today. It's a Canadian Forces soldier shaving in the field in 1971. The Razor appears to be some variant of the Gillette Super Speed. I just thought it was such a great picture.
  3. azelyk

    Pomade Review Thread

    So we have an area for discussion of pomades in Marco's thread. Why not have one large consolidated thread for Pomade reviews. That way people can come either look at a review for a Pomade they have been thinking about, or contribute a review if they have a pomade not many have or use. Would be...
  4. azelyk

    Making my own pomade.

    So next week is my reading week(week off) from school, and I have decided to make my own pomade while I'm home and have some free time. I am aim to make something very basic and simmilar to one of my favorite pomades North Standard. I have the Ontario beeswax, and I have coconut oil. The next...
  5. azelyk

    Oil Based V. Water Based Pomade's

    We have the Renaissance of Pomade thread, but I thought this is better suited as a separate thread. My question is fairly simple, Oil Based or Water Based Pomade? Why do you choose or prefer one over the other? If you could only have one pomade would it be oil based or water based?
  6. azelyk

    Thoughts on some Vulfix Brushes.

    So I am in the market for a few new brushes. I have been leaning towards Vulfix as I have the No.374 and it is a great brush. The two I have been looking at are the No. 2190 Pure Badger with the Case, because I do travel lots and it seems as though this brush would be great to through in my...
  7. azelyk

    Pomade expiring?

    Simple question do oil and water based pomades expire or go bad after x years? Is there any way to store them to extend the life of pomades while being stored?
  8. azelyk

    WTS/WTT Edwin Jagger, R.R, Proraso and more.

    Howdy Gents, I have some items I am trying to sell/trade to downsize my den. First up we have the Edwin Jagger DE87BL which will come with 5 packs of Astra Sp Blades. 20$ Next we have two RazoRock Soaps and a Proraso Soap. All three are at 95% full, hell I've used the three for a combined...
  9. azelyk

    Help Needed, WD won't stop shedding.

    Hi guys, today while shaving my whipped dog shed like a, well a dog. While loading my brush with cream I lost about 7-8 hairs, then when in the bowl building a lather I lost a further 7-8 hairs and when applying lather to my face I lost a few more hairs. This brush is not new, it's onto it's...
  10. azelyk

    Looking for a new Grease Based Pomade

    So I am mainly a water based user, I have Suavecito, Layrite's Uppercut's etc.. I also have a few grease/oil based ones. But my go to grease based pomade is one made locally, North Standard Pomade. http://northstandard.com/products/north-standard-pomade I really like this one, as it is not as...
  11. azelyk

    Trying to date my new NDC's

    I recently picked up two no date code gillettes. One old type with case and blade bank, and a ball end tech. I was hoping someone could provide some insight into the time era. I did a little research using mr.razor and it seems the Old type is 20's era maybe, and the tech is 40's but I was...
  12. azelyk

    Thiers Issard 5/8 Straight.

    Hello Gents, I was hoping to ask for the general consensus on this Thiers Issard Singing Straight Razor 5/8". http://www.fendrihan.com/fendrihan-thiers-issard-singing-straight-razor-black-scales-p-3432.html?cPath=116_22_109 I have never used a true straight, only a shavette and was looking...
  13. azelyk

    TOBS+Big Brush(24mm)Magic?

    Today I broke out my whipped dog 24mm x 48mm silvertip and my TOBS Avocado. I went through my usual pre-shave routine. Loaded my the brush for about 10-15 seconds, then went to my bowl and began to build a lather. Holy crap somehow it just exploded into this rich and creamy lather. It was...
  14. azelyk

    Just Ordered My First Batch of RazoRock.What to expect?

    Title says it all gents, after reading on here I really wanted to give RazoRock a chance. So like any normal B&Ber I went ahead and bought three different soaps for italianbarber. I picked up P.160, Classic Italian Shaving Soap, and One X as well I have a tub of RazoRoctober at my other...
  15. azelyk

    azelyk's Entry to the Hall of Fame

    My 100th Post Hall of Fame Entry What is your real name? Alexander Zelyk What are your nicknames/aliases? Alex, Alec, Big Z, Z Where do you live? Currently Ottawa, born in Toronto What is your age (or) generation? 20 What are you in the real world? Currently a student and a soon to...
  16. azelyk

    First Restore, Some Questions

    So I posted this brush A Made Rite 303 Cased Badger in the main brush forum but hoped I could get some better more Restoration oriented answers here. When I purchased it I mainly bought it for the Handle as the Butterscotch called my name, and now having it in hand and using it a few times I...
  17. azelyk

    Made Rite 303 Questions

    I purchased and recently received this Made Rite 303 Cased Badger Brush and I have a few questions for those who maybe more knowledgeable then myself. I have attached pictures here, the last picture is with my Whipped Dog 24mm x 48mm, and Vulfix 21mm x 50mm. So for my questions: 1. Does...
  18. azelyk

    My WD Butterscotch Beauty Arrived

    So I ordered my first brush from Larry just over a week ago. 24mm Silver Tip, sunk in 20mm for a loft of 45mm in the beautiful butterscotch resin. Today she arrived and boy am I ever happy. The handle is massive and for my giant hands that's a good thing and she feels really solid and easy to...
  19. azelyk

    Fall/Winter Shave Creams

    So with fall fast approaching I've been looking for kinda the quintessential smells of the fall and winter in shave creams. For fall I was thinking things along the line of Pumpkin Pie, wood fireplace, the smell of maple etc... Winter I was thinking evergreen, candy cane, eggnog maybe not...
  20. azelyk

    TGN+Whipped Dog?

    So I've been looking at TGN knots and they look great. I also have been looking at Whipped Dog(already have a 24mm Silvertip on the way) and I was thinking of combining the a TGN knot with a Whipped dog handle. Has anyone tried this? I also noticed that on TGN it says the know is actually...
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