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  1. TNoahr523

    My New Shave Den!

    We may never be able too fully understand them, but how can you not love them when they give us so much love That is a good women you have there Great set up :cool:
  2. TNoahr523

    Introducing the Shave Clinic Help Desk - Newbie and Instructional Chats

    cool idea hope to be able too get in chat time :cool:
  3. TNoahr523

    Happy New Year from the B&B Team

    Happy New Year too everyone here may all your shaves be nick free and BBS.:cool:
  4. TNoahr523

    What is a japanese straight called?

    you might try straight razor place someone ther mighht be able too help you out :cool:
  5. TNoahr523

    Sweeney Todd

    One could only wish,what a challage it would be to shave with a razor that size.:cool:
  6. TNoahr523

    Sweeney Todd

    I saw the movie last night it is a good movie I Would like too know if anyone can identify what kind of razors there are I know that they were square points maybe 8/8 I still green at identify razors if they was really or not they were nice.It would be nice too have a set.:cool:
  7. TNoahr523

    I don't miss smoking at all

    I quite smoking over three years ago I smoked for 30 year I was not happy when All the anti-smoking laws started I was pissed too.But now I can understand what there about why should someone have too be subjected too something that could be harmful to them just be because someone else chooses to...
  8. TNoahr523

    Review by '' on item 'The Gentlemens Quarter Desert Ironwood'

    I got some of collen soap and cream last month I tryed the autum spice shaving soap and the highlander shaving cream I think that they are both great I will be buying more I dont think you can go wrong with these products.:cool:
  9. TNoahr523

    Review by '' on item 'Every Man Jack Unscented'

    I tryed this a awhile back it went straight into my trash can it was greasy did not do a very good job I would not recommed it to anyone.
  10. TNoahr523

    Every Man Jack

    It went straight into the trash can it is the wrost shaving cream I have used yet it's brushless and it did not make a good lather it seemed grease too me shave was not good I replaced it with (1) tube of red an (1)tube of green proraso now that the good stuff :biggrin: :cool:
  11. TNoahr523

    Shave Cream -Scooper/Dipper

    Thats a nice looking brake spoon
  12. TNoahr523

    Every Man Jack

    Has anyone ever used a cream called Every Man Jack I pick some up at target tonight I would like to if it is any good or not.
  13. TNoahr523

    TNoahr523's Entry into the B&B Hall of Fame

    Please allow me to introduce myself: Username: TNoahr523 What is your real name? Terry What are your nicknames/aliases? Where do you live? Boise Id What is your age (or) generation? 45 What are you in the real world? Flagger,Laborer What is your favorite shave...
  14. TNoahr523

    Why melt soaps?

    I agree with you I let my soap soak in hot water in its dish while I take my morning shower and its ready too go when I'mready too shave
  15. TNoahr523

    Review by '' on item 'Clubman Shave Creame'

    If you like the clubman product go too ebarbershop.com for a good selection I will be doing a bit of business there. look for some lucky tiger its good too.:thumbup1:
  16. TNoahr523

    Review by '' on item 'Surrey Deluxe shaving soap'

    It's the first soap I have used I like it. I have the glycern that I'm going too try next. after I finish with th deluxe cake then I'll try the Col conk amber that my wife got me.I see if I can find any differnts It 's fun out new things.
  17. TNoahr523

    Hi Guys... I'm New Here...

    Welcome I still quite new too.but I have learn alot from this site just by looking at the threads its a great site.
  18. TNoahr523


    hey I like too know if anyone has ever heard of or used a band of soap called Van der Hagen I not all that sure about any soaps yet I'm still trying too figure out what works good so far this is the only brand I have treid.
  19. TNoahr523

    Pay it Forward Straight

    I would like too know if there is any differnt in horsehide or cow leather as far as the job it does on a straight razor.:thumbup1:
  20. TNoahr523

    How to make great lather from a soap ~ Tutorial

    thanks I learned alot from this
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