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  1. mastenp

    Grizzly Brand Beard Tonic - My Newest addition to the Den

    So I ordered some Grizzly Brand Beard Tonic from their Etsy store. I have used it for about a week now and I love it. It has softened my beard nicely and no more dry skin irritation under the beard. It has definitely earned a permanent place in my Den as long as I have my beard.
  2. mastenp

    Second attempt at straight shave *Fail

    So I tried a straight shave for a second time, but once again got frustrated and had to finish with my EJ 89. I even tried two different straights to see if one wasn't shave ready, but both seemed to tug and pull. Not giving up on this, I will get it right. Below is a pic of the setup from...
  3. mastenp

    Who sells a MWF sample

    Title says it all. Looking for a sample to try as I don't want to have a whole puck of something I may or may not add to the rotation.
  4. mastenp

    Beard Tonic Suggestions

    I am looking for any suggestions for a beard tonic. Please add why you like it or don't like it. Thanks in advance
  5. mastenp

    Help me ID this DE Razor

    I found this razor wrapped in paper in a mug that I purchased on the bay. Unexpected surprise but I need some help identifying it. Thanks in advance. :thumbup:
  6. mastenp

    Newbie Lathering question

    I recently received a AOS Travel set with the brush and all the goodies. I am waiting for my DE razor to be delivered and I also do not have a shave mug (nor did I know I needed one until I started looking on here). So my first shave I loaded the shave cream directly into my slightly wet brush...
  7. mastenp

    Shaving supplies available in England

    I am just getting started and I am waiting on some supplies to come in so I can start shaving with a DE with the Sandalwood cream I have from Art of Shaving. But I also have family in England, more specifically London, and was wondering if there are any recommendations for soaps, creams...
  8. mastenp

    Newbie with a gift certificate to Art of Shaving

    I got a gift certificate to Art of Shaving and was wondering if anyone can offer some help as to what would be a good starting place. I was thinking of getting one of their starter kit with their brush and get a DE from one of the vendors on here instead of paying the $100+ for the AOS razors...
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