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  1. Sleeper

    FS: LASSC, XXX, B&M soaps and samples

    For Sale: $40 or trade for below CONUS Shipping included in price If I was to trade anything I'd be looking for: B&M Roam B&M Saeryan B&M Hallows My stuff - - - LA Shave Soap: CCXIII (only took small pea size sample with scooper for a test lather) - Razorock XXX (new) - B&M Dickens (used...
  2. Sleeper

    WTT: Feather Non-folding Artist Club SS

    Looking to trade my Feather non-folding AC for a folding Feather AC. Each sender pays own shipping CONUS Here is what I have: -Feather non-folding AC -Feather razor guard I want a folding Feather AC
  3. Sleeper

    Mixing EDT/C with unscented Thayer's to make AS?

    I had a sample of ADP Colonia Essenza (5ml) that I mixed with 35ml of Thayer's Unscented Witch Hazel/Aloe. It smells great. Is this a cheap way to make your own scented AS? I was looking for a YSL la Nuit AS and I guess I could just add it to Thayer's? Is this just stupid home cooking here?
  4. Sleeper

    WTT: Catie's and Strop soap

    CONUS Each pays own shipping I'd like to trade away three soaps. All have at least 90+% left. I had a reaction to the LPV and the other two are scents I don't need. What I have: Catie's Bubbles LPV Catie's Bubbles Black Bergamot (TRADED) Strop Shop Date Night I'm looking to trade for...
  5. Sleeper

    PIF - RazoRock Kiyara

    PIF closed - winner is ncfyrfyter I recently was PIF'd a RazoRock Kiyara from VelocityBoy. I'd like to keep the good karma flowing by putting this razor back out there. Rules: To be eligible please submit a tasteful riddle with answer. Entries close Sunday night 12/14 when the...
  6. Sleeper

    Similar scritch to Wee Scott?

    I used a Simpson Wee Scott last weekend and loves the stiffness and scritch. Can anybody recommend a full size hybrid fan/bulb brush off similar feel? Or any brush of a different shape you think should be included in the comparison, I'm not picky. I just love the stiff scritch. How about...
  7. Sleeper

    Is this a Dovo Special 5/8?

    Is this: A Dovo Special 5/8? http://www.classicshaving.com/dovo-special-tortoise-5-8-factory-edge.html#.U-fMKNm9K0c I don't know anything about straights and I want to understand what I have as a starting point. I haven't tried this razor yet, I just want to understand my equipment...
  8. Sleeper

    Under 50 Posts PIF (conus)

    CLOSED. 2 PIFs for members under 50 posts, conus. To enter, type "share the road" I will pick 2 lucky winners this Sunday as the Tour de France wraps up. Both lots have TOBS which is cool, blades which a lot of people enjoy, and a mystery product. Everything is new except the Taylor's...
  9. Sleeper

    Why are they called 7 o'clock?

    Why are the Gillette called 7 o'clock? I wonder this every time I shave.
  10. Sleeper

    Razorock AS leaving pulp behind?

    I've been going through the new Razorock aftershaves (XXX, One-X, Freedburg, etc) and noticed little whitish hairs/pulp left behind on my face. It sweeps off easily after dry down but I thought I'd ask what it is? Anyone else have same issue? I just have to make sure to give myself a final look...
  11. Sleeper

    New Fine Accoutrements AS - Platinum

    A new interesting scent for all you Fine fans. I'm all stocked up on other AS but this is interesting. If success has a smell, this is it. Big meeting? Job interview? Power Lunch? Start the day with Platinum and you're sure to make a good impression. A smokey, citrus fragrance, Platinum is...
  12. Sleeper

    Why I waited 2 years to DE shave

    As my 100th post I'll share how I got here 2 years ago I inherited a 1962 Gillette Slim. Coming from a cartridge razor this was a serious tool capable of injury. Respect must be given. I examined the adjusting barrel (1-9) which sets the aggressiveness. I didn't know if 1 was aggressive or 9...
  13. Sleeper

    1962 Gillette Tech?

    I went through the stickie and I think I inherited a 1962 Tech? Stamp is H2 Once confirmed I'll share my "first DE shave story" which was with this razor.
  14. Sleeper

    Gillette is coming to save me from... Gillette?

    An article I found about the Gillette Guard razor states: "Today, nearly one billion men are shaving using technology invented by King C. Gillette more than 100 years ago, double-edge razors, because there is no better affordable alternative – until now. Many of these men shave without running...
  15. Sleeper

    All TOBS perform the same?

    I've gone through a Maggard TOBS sampler and I wanted to hear other opinions on this question. Do all TOBS perform the same for you? In more detail; if you couldn't smell the scent would you notice a difference in performance among the TOBS cream line? My lathering technique is inconsistent...
  16. Sleeper

    Maggard Razors - new soft soap

    Maggard announced 3 new soft soaps today. I'm looking forward to some reviews. http://www.maggardrazors.com/product/maggard-razors-artisan-shave-soap-limes-bergamot-5oz-jar/ "Our soaps are made through the hot process. Their consistency is a soft soap, similar to an Italian soft soap."
  17. Sleeper

    Feather AS-D1 handle on ATT head?

    Is the Feather AS-D1 handle compatible with ATT base plate/caps?
  18. Sleeper

    Seattle - Admitting you have a problem is the first step.Newbie Admission

    My father has shared his wet shave addiction with me... He started off innocently giving me "gifts". Fatboy, Feather, Vulfix, Merkur... After I started experimenting he started me down the darker path. Mike's Natural soaps, Provence... A straight razor... Now I'm making purchases. I come...
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