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  1. Rog1

    SOTD~ 16 July to 22 July

    1964 Gillette Slim Adjustable w/Gillette Swedish Blade AOS Pure Badger Brush Proraso Pre/Post (used it for Pre) Mama Bear's Rosemary Mint Thayer's Rose Nancy Boy After Shave Gel A great start to any day!
  2. Rog1

    Buying my first "real" brush, I can't decide...

    All, Thank you for the feedback...I'm thinking I agree about the size and may look at the 22/23mm. I'll let you know what I decide. Thanks again!! Scott
  3. Rog1

    SOTD - June 18th to the 24th

    63 Gillette Adjustable AOS Pure Badger Mama Bears Rosemary Mint Alum Bar Lucky Tiger Face Tonic Proraso Pre/Post Creme
  4. Rog1

    Buying my first "real" brush, I can't decide...

    Hey Everyone, Looking for a little help from the group. I've narrowed it down to two: Saville Row 3226 26mm Silvertip or Shavemac 426 26mm Silvertip. I use both cremes and soaps equally. Any advice or feedback would be greatly appreciated. Right now I don't have several brushes so it...
  5. Rog1

    My favorite razor is

    Has to be the 59 Fat Boy.
  6. Rog1

    How to make great lather from a soap ~ Tutorial

    Holy lather...Batman! This was a great tip...Thank You!! I tried it with Mama Bears rosemary mint and of course I was spilling lather all over the sind and mirror. I also tried it with my Proraso green bowl with amazing results thick lather and filled the bathroom with rich Eucalyptus smell...
  7. Rog1

    SOTD - June 18th to the 24th

    59' Fat-Boy (Gillette blade) AOS Pure Badger Mama Bears Rosemary Mint Shavex Alum Bar (ouch!) Thayer's Rose Petal Toner Nancy Boy After Shave Gel (which is growing on me...a lot!)
  8. Rog1

    Review by '' on item 'Nancy Boy Cooling After Shave Gel'

    I find the after shave gel very cooling and soothing. It has almost a sticky texture after applied to your face which sort of detracts from its moisturizing. I think it is moisturizing but also very toning. The scent is the same as the signature creme but stronger. An herbal clean scent...
  9. Rog1

    SOTD 11-17 Jun 07

    AOS Pure Badger Nancy Boy Signature Creme 1959 Gillett Fat Boy Shavex Alum Bar Lucky Tiger After Shave Tonic (Great Product) Nancy Boy After Shave Gel
  10. Rog1

    Review by '' on item 'Nancy Boy Shave Cream'

    Hello All, I have to say this product is one of the best! Lathers great and feels fantastic on your face. I always get a great shave with this creme. I like the scent; it's very clean and fresh. My face feels great after each shave! Highly recommended! If you're ever in SF you should...
  11. Rog1

    Help...What is this?

    Looking for a little help from the experts. I picked up this razor for a $1 in Berkley CA and not really sure what it is. I believe it's a Tech 3-piece razor? The code date is C2 but I'm not sure if that's a 1932 C2 or a 1957 C2. See the pics any feedback or help would be greatly...
  12. Rog1

    SOTD > June 4th - June 10th

    A Travel Day: 40's Gillette SS AOS Pure Badger Nancy Boy Signature Creme (I'm in San Fran so I went down to pick some up, if you're ever in town you must go...plus if you sign-up for their mailing list you get 15% off for LIFE!!) Thayer's lemon Nancy Boy after shave gel (kinda different...
  13. Rog1

    Acquisitions: Monday May 28 - Sunday June 3

    Lucky Tiger toner...feels very nice!
  14. Rog1

    Acquisitions: Monday May 21 - Sunday May 27

    Late 40's SS (Thanks Groundhog) Mama Bear's Rosemary/Mint shave soap (amazing smell) Shavex Alum Bar (Mama Bear)
  15. Rog1

    Newbi-Blade Rotation

    Okay...I've been new to this for about a month. Everything seems to be going well, face has never felt better, the old red burn spot on the neck is now gone, and yes of course great shaves! I do have one question...blade rotation. When reading posts I see days on a blade or shaves on a...
  16. Rog1

    Thayer's Witch Hazel ?

    I like the lemon and rose. Yes the rose is intense but if you throw on an alcohol based AS, I use Pinaud Bay Rum it will kill the rose scent (although that Pinaud will kill about anything).
  17. Rog1

    Altering the Fatboy during a shave anyone?

    For me, I do both...up then down: WTG..4 XTG...5 ATG...3 Seems to work.
  18. Rog1

    SOTD May 14th - May 20th

    My first SOTD post: AOS Pure Badger 59 Gillette Fat Boy w/Gillette blade TOBS Sandalwood Creme Thayers Rose Pinaud Bay Rum
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