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    WTB Wolfman Guerrilla Open Comb

    Looking for an Open Comb Wolfman Guerrilla at a reasonable price. Can be the complete razor, or just the head without a handle. I also have some hardware/software if you prefer trades to cash: ATT open comb slant, a couple of straights, LPL and MdC soaps - some new, possibly a few other...
  2. Forged

    WTB Barrister and Mann Soft Heart Unscented

    Looking for a tub of B&M Soft Heart Unscented, preferably full/unused. Thanks.
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    WTB Wolfman Guerilla OC

    Open Comb Wolfman Guerilla wanted, must be in excellent condition. I’ve seen them occasionally show up at original retail pricing, so that’s what I’m looking to pay. Thanks.
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    WTB: BBS-1 Reasonably Priced

    I know that not everyone feels the need to make maximum profit on hard to come by razors when they choose to part with them. So my request is aimed at those folks. I'm looking for a BBS-1. Just missed getting on the waiting list by a day or two when it closed the last time, which was a loooong...
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