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  1. simmonds

    WTB Bulldog Pipe

    Hello everyone! I am looking for a bulldog style pipe as my pipe collection was stolen from my home last week. Don’t have much money to spend right now, but an entry bulldog (my favorite style) should get me enjoying my favorite blends until I get some funding to start a new collection. Thanks!
  2. simmonds

    $50 Grab Bag

    Everything pictured for $50. A few unrestored straights, couple safety razors, tons of vintage aftershaves - almost all new. Couple Clubmans decanted in glass. Scuttle. Lots of other goodies. See pics. I'll throw in some other stuff too. PayPal only. Actual shipping
  3. simmonds

    Aftershave Deal Of The Year And Gold Superadjustable

    Here are four excellent aftershaves, one modern and sophisticated, two vintage and proven and one antique that still has 35% original juice! All in original glass with original formulas. New unused 4 3/4 ounce vintage Shulton Old Spice, New Mennen 2 ounce vintage Skin Bracer in glass, 35% full...
  4. simmonds

    Den Reduction Sale Pipe/Shave

    All sales prices include shipping. PayPal please. First up are these Aqua Velva glass bottles. These are the earliest bottles you can find, the smaller sample sizes were used to promote the new, luxurious aftershave. Amazing for decanting your modern AV into glass. One of the sample bottles...
  5. simmonds

    FS: Slim, Vintage Aqua Velva Glass, Vintage Old Spice

    Gillette Slim, date code N2. Beautiful condition. $25 The ULTIMATE vintage glass to decant your Aqua Velva. You won't see these often. This one was dug and a reproduction label made. Beautiful! $20 Vintage NEW bottle of Shulton Old Spice in box! $20 PayPal only please...
  6. simmonds

    Pic test

  7. simmonds

    Posting Pics

    This is probably somewhere in these forums many times over, but how do I post pictures with an iPhone?
  8. simmonds

    Buy and sell

    Its been a while since I've been on here. Is there a separate forum for selling pipes and tobacco items? Seems there was.
  9. simmonds

    Razor Prices

    Ok, I haven't shaved in over a year (easy on me). I'm enjoying a beard for a while but have retained most my shaving gear cause I know I'll be going that route again at some point. Anyway, I've noticed a huge increase in BST prices for razors...used to find Slims for $10 and Fatboys for $20 both...
  10. simmonds

    The Pipe Smoking Leprechaun

    My son brought home a St Paddy day art project he had made for me in class. I'm proud of that little future Brother of the Briar!! ;) surprised they let him add the pipe in school though.
  11. simmonds

    Frog Morton OTT

    Picked up a tin of this at my local B&M yesterday. First, my local B&M charges $16 for the small 1.75 ounce tin...double what is charged online!! Does this seem a bit high?? Second, while I enjoyed the smoke for the most part, I get this strange artificial sweetness in my mouth that lasts for...
  12. simmonds

    Can't smoke a full bowl

    Ok guys, had a great smoke this morning in the radio room listening to the local Swap And Shop broadcast. Still trying to gather and learn all the techniques as a new pipe smoker and having a blast! Only issue is I seem sensitive to nicotine and can rarely get through more than half a bowl. I...
  13. simmonds

    Received My Sutliff Great Outdoors PIF

    And this is what I got!! I posted this over in the Stock Exchange too but it wouldn't let me post a picture for some reason so I'm posting here too! Ok, just got home from out of town to receive my wonderful PIF, Sutliff Great Outdoors, so generously given by captaincaveman. What I wasn't...
  14. simmonds

    Ladd's Pipes

    Anyone ever hear of the brand Ladd's or own a Ladd's pipe? Apparently they were a brand sold by United Cigar Stores back in the day. Just wondering about the quality and if they were perhaps just rebranded seconds.
  15. simmonds

    English Made Peterson?

    I am new to pipe smoking I just received in the mail today a pipe I purchased on Etsy that was advertised as a possible Peterson Bulldog. I'll let the pictures describe the pipe and tell me what you think. One side says Shamrock and the stem has an "S" in a circle, the other side says London...
  16. simmonds

    What Can You Tell Me About These Garage Sale Str8s

    Although I have owned a Dubl Duck, I have no real knowledge of straight razors...what is good and usable and what is not etc.. I went to a garage sale today and scored these nice str8s that seem to be in almost unused condition. I have not tried to clean them yet but they are free of rust...
  17. simmonds

    Help Identifying this Gillette Please

    I picked this Gillette up today at the local Goodwill and for the life of me cannot figure out which model this is. Reminds me of a Tech Ranger but I have never seen one in gold. Looks to be pre Super Speed probably from the late 30s to early 40s before the outbreak of WW2. Any help would be...
  18. simmonds

    Oregon Wins 2012 Rose Bowl

    Just wanted to give a quick shout-out to my Oregon Ducks for winning their first Rose bowl since 1917. It has been a long time coming, but the speed of Oregon was just too much for Wisconsin causing a 4th quarter shut out and an amazing win for the University of Oregon Ducks. I have stuck by...
  19. simmonds

    Vintage Williams Shave Today -- The Best!

    Used NOS set of vintage Williams today from the 1940s. Let me tell you, the luxury shave cream was OUTSTANDING! Just a small blob in the boar brush gave huge lather for three passes and then some. Matched with the 40s type Super Speed I had a true BBS shave with zero nicks, cuts or...
  20. simmonds

    3 Cheers for Mirac and Bestshave.com

    Got my package from bestshave today only a week and a half from Turkey to Oregon! I have heard some stories of customs nightmares so i was really pleased to get my package of ARKO so FAST!!! BTW, I really love, love, LOVE the scent of this stuff...I really do not see how any of you guys don't...
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