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  1. The Polock

    Taping cuts together?

    This made me laugh. I have been a longshoreman for the last 8 years or so. Cuts are a pretty regular occurrence in the field. We always keep a roll of duct tape around. Dump a l little alcohol on it and tape it up. Works well enough. The longshoreman bandaid!
  2. The Polock

    Help! My 12 year old boy smells like an onion patch!

    When I was about 16 or so I was very active. Basketball,baseball, swim team. And I sweat non stop even when not at practice or games. And the smell.... I was so embarrassed by being the onion boy lol Well I ended up dating a girl that introduced me to a product called certain dri. It really...
  3. The Polock

    What's the shaving movement you enjoy the most?

    The sting of the AS when I splash it on. Makes me feel like a man. Second would be when the WHMBO runs her hand across that BBS and sniffs my neck. The start of a great day right there lol
  4. The Polock

    I'm done with Hanes undershirts

    Don't touch fruit of the loom either. I am currently very unhappy with my last purchase of 8-10 of them. Every last one of them got bacon necked or around the collar is so loose that it folds and crumples up. I guess that's bacon neck too lol Anyway I have been picking them out of my drawer and...
  5. The Polock

    B&B Sniper team strikes again!

    Just another reason to love B&B! Congrats! I have been staying up way to late just looking around. Love this place. Although it is hard to find a group of gentlemen to hang out with in RL. I can always come on here and feel like a real Sir. And also knowing that I am in the midst of other gents.
  6. The Polock

    Leatherman carriers?

    Another wingman carrier here. It is almost always clipped inside my pocket. I have anther leatherman that I can't remember the model. One that comes with nylon case to carry it in. I strap it on the belt when I'm camping, hiking, or fishing.
  7. The Polock

    Can't I just dip my toe into straight-shaving just to *try* it? PIF #4

    When I grow up..... I wanna be a ..... Hell I don't wanna grow up! But I guess if I was forced to grow up and choose I would say the owner of a high end bar. Yes that's it! With a store connected. The store would be a gentlemens store where one could find everything from cigars to pocket...
  8. The Polock

    Music while shaving?

    Can't stop listening to the new Mumford & sons while shaving. Love the album and its mellow enough to not make me wanna speed hack my way through shaving. I did however listen to some Alter Bridge today while shaving. Will not do this again. I ate my neck to hell. First time since I started wet...
  9. The Polock

    Superspeed PIF

    Woohoo! So excited! Can't wait to get that metal on this mug. Thank you again Blooze.
  10. The Polock

    Jameson scares me.

    Ack it got me again last night! Went out with the WHMBO for "a couple of drinks". Turned into 7 or 8 Jameson's, a couple of other shots, and a tab that made my wallet cry out lol.
  11. The Polock

    I'm a Movemberist: my movember journey

    Ouch! Ya I had to take a few days off a couple of weeks ago. Sunburned to hell lol hope ya heal up quick.
  12. The Polock

    I made a kid cry last night.

    Had me rolling!
  13. The Polock

    The last album that really grabbed you

    The newest Mumford & sons album has grabbed me by the ears and refused to let go. I usually don't get into English folk sounds. But the banjo and harmony vocals on this album have me hooked. It makes me feel good when I listen to it. Nice and calm. I can't do the death metal stuff anymore. Makes...
  14. The Polock

    What did Badger and Blade get you addicted to (other than razors)

    Couldn't agree more. Love the comradely. Also cheap aftershaves... I can't stop myself. My wife stopped asking where I was headed when I just walk off in the general direction of the grooming products. Maybe cheap is not the word.... Older? Well whatever OS, AV, skin bracer and such. All of my...
  15. The Polock

    I can't stop Faceturbating.

    Ha ha ha ha you had me at the title! As a new DE wet shaver I am with you. Also went from 1 shave a week with a M3. To at least every other day. If I can wait that long. I love to get in there and put the metal to the mug. And yes faceturbate all the day long ha ha
  16. The Polock

    Had a bloodbath this morning

    Reminds me of my fourth wet shave with a DE. I got all cocky and paid the price on my neck. Didn't adjust the angle when I hit my jaw line and gave myself a nice cut. Good lesson I guess. Slow and steady since then. Have not ventured into feather territory yet either. Maybe after a little more...
  17. The Polock

    PIF'ing etiquette

    Thank you for asking. I too am pretty new to this and have had similar questions. Knowledge is power I guess!
  18. The Polock

    I'm a Movemberist: my movember journey

    Keep up the good work sir! You aren't alone. I am in the process of growing my first mustache ATM. Thanks to Movember that is! May post a couple of pics sometime... Although I hate pictures of me. Look stupid smiling. Look stupid not smiling. Can't seem to find a happy medium. Lol that or I just...
  19. The Polock

    Listerine as an Aftershave

    Sweet baby Jesus! If that stuff burns the face like it does my mouth.... I would have to put my big boy pants on before splashing that on. Lol :drool:
  20. The Polock

    Superspeed PIF

    Count me in good sir! Been wet shaving about a month now. Using a Merkur 38d I believe the model is, forgive me. But ever since reading about the old school Gillettes I have been chomping at the bits to find one. Would be thrilled to have the opportunity to put the metal to the mug. Thank you...
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