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  1. Noswad

    AOS / Plisson #8 knot came out

    I have an Art Of Shaving branded Plisson #8 HMW in horn handle that the knot came out of. The knot is still nice and tight so I think I just need to put it back in. My major question is; what would be your product suggestion to glue/epoxy the two back together? Secondary question would...
  2. Noswad

    Blood Transfusion Stories

    Hi Everyone, The PSA blood donation thread made me think of something I wanted to ask about. Has anyone had any side effects from getting a blood transfusion? My wife had to get a transfusion when she was having chemo a dozen years ago. Afterwards, she could not watch enough...
  3. Noswad

    Anyone tried GFT GFT cologne?

    Has anyone out there tried Geo. F. Trumpers GFT cologne? I use the GFT shaving cream and like it. Thinking about putting it on my wish list and I wanted to get some feedback before dropping $60 or so on it.
  4. Noswad

    Who makes the best lavender shaving cream?

    Hi all, I was wondering who you think makes the best shaving cream with a lavender scent. I have been using some Trumper GFT and have really enjoyed it, but I want to try something different. Am I starting to get a case of SCAD? :blushing: I was almost set on trying some Castle Forbes...
  5. Noswad


    Hi all, I have been lurking here for a few months and gotten a bunch of great information about shaving and equipment. Many thanks to everyone I gleaned information from! One of the best tips was to let the razor do the work and not use a bunch of pressure. With those multi-blade...
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