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  1. jherm77

    Bit of help please?

    Hi everyone, This may only take a few posts but just want to see if this is a good buy. In another forum, a guy was selling all his straight razors and I got this for $40 shipped. Its a CV Heljestrand Leduc...if you could please give more info. I believe it's 5/8.
  2. jherm77

    Used Rolex Purchase

    Hi gents, Two expectations are certain: I want a Rolex and it won't be new. I still want something really nice, and with the mass amount of fakes out there, I do get nervous. I am considering pulling the trigger from this website: www.timeandgems.com What do you guys think? They have an...
  3. jherm77

    WTB Messenger Bag

    Gentlemen, I am constantly surprised and impressed with the amount of knowledge for everything better in life. I have been looking for the perfect messenger bag for 8 years now. I came close once; about 6 years ago I was in an airport (can't remember the country) and saw one that met all my...
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