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  1. TNoahr523

    Every Man Jack

    Has anyone ever used a cream called Every Man Jack I pick some up at target tonight I would like to if it is any good or not.
  2. TNoahr523

    TNoahr523's Entry into the B&B Hall of Fame

    Please allow me to introduce myself: Username: TNoahr523 What is your real name? Terry What are your nicknames/aliases? Where do you live? Boise Id What is your age (or) generation? 45 What are you in the real world? Flagger,Laborer What is your favorite shave...
  3. TNoahr523


    hey I like too know if anyone has ever heard of or used a band of soap called Van der Hagen I not all that sure about any soaps yet I'm still trying too figure out what works good so far this is the only brand I have treid.
  4. TNoahr523


    Hi everyone I'm new too the site I found it just the other day I was looking for info on straight razor shaving I got my first straight razor on father day this year. I have been learning a lot.I had no idea that there was so much about shaving.I'm still doing a lot of reseach before I even try...
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