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  1. Gordon

    Just received in the mail . . .

    . . my latest acquisitions. Bliss!
  2. Gordon

    Why is it called 'wet shaving'

    Why is it what we do with shave creams, soaps, brushes and razors 'wet shaving'? The old foam in a can and cartridge shaving is also done wet? Why the distinction? :001_huh:
  3. Gordon

    Bigelow vs. Proraso

    Is it me or does C.O. Bigelow's cooling effect after rinsing your face last longer than Proraso? :w00t:
  4. Gordon

    Adding AS to unscented shave cream?

    Has anyone tried adding a few drops of your favourite cologne or aftershave to unscented shave cream when lathering up?
  5. Gordon

    Go Habs Go !

    Just sayin' . .
  6. Gordon

    An alternative to TOBS Eton College?

    Crown Aftershave Tonic is my winter splash while Proraso and TOBS Eton College are my warm weather stuff. I'm getting tired of the Eton College, though. Could anyone suggest something else along the similar citrus-like aftershaves to replace it?
  7. Gordon

    avatar test

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