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  1. Blood donor

    UK-bought blades?

    Hi, any UK blade buyers that can recommend a good and easily available blade? Threads on this here seem quite old, and quite negative! I'll be in London next week travelling with just apcarry on, and too late to post myself some blades I think, so will have to buy there. Thanks!
  2. Blood donor

    Omega P49 - wow!

    Got this brush last week and am in love with pig again! I dabbled with boar a couple of years ago, nearly gave up, belatedly found how to lather them (quite differently than my badgers or synths), then the Semogue 830 I had went a bit floppy so I reverted to my badger and synth stable. After...
  3. Blood donor

    How much soap do you use per shave?

    I recently weighed the amount I use per shave and was surprised it was so much. I soaked my brush, flicked out the water to the point I'd normally load soap, weighed it, then loaded and weighed again. Two different soaps, different brushes, but daily I'm in the 3g of soap territory for 3 passes...
  4. Blood donor

    Fine new aftershave balms - anyone tried?

    i see Fine have launched two balms and EdTs - American blend and Platinum. Can't find many reviews, though the two I did see were positive. Really interested in the balms as sounds like the scent and strength are the same but with no alcohol, so should be great in the winter to avoid drying...
  5. Blood donor

    Cream vs soap - is one 'better'?

    I read a lot here that creams are great, but that soaps overall edge them. Creams are easier to lather for beginners, as they are already wetter, whereas it takes more experience to get excellent lathers from soap. I don't agree however. Of course some creams are better than some soaps and...
  6. Blood donor

    Fatip Piccolo angle

    I've taken my Piccolo as my holiday razor this week, leaving my precious Timeless safely at home. But I'm struggling to get the shaves I used to out of the Piccolo so I think it needs a bit of a conscious technique change from the honed one I use with the Timeless. So what shave angles do you...
  7. Blood donor

    Faster growth in summer?

    Morning from tropical Africa where it is always summer! The internet is inconclusive as to whether facial hair grows faster in summer, but more articles seem to agree that it does. But I don't trust google as much as the good folk here, so what are your thoughts? I'll even do my first ever...
  8. Blood donor

    Advice on putting knot in new handle

    Hi all. I bought a silvertip a couple of years ago from a U.K. Brushmaker now based in Cape town with a full Jermyn St-style shop. I was never fully happy with performance and the brush looked a bit thin compared to others, so he kindly accepted to return and re-knot it with a Manchurian knot he...
  9. Blood donor

    Timeless razor teething troubles

    Advice gratefully accept from other Timeless owners! My much awaited timeless safety bar 0.95 gap arrived last week, a long trip out to central Africa! Overall I love it as it is so well crafted and just a bit different to my other razors, including the stainless steel finish. However I have...
  10. Blood donor

    Simpson Best is going bald..... what to do?

    My 2 year old Simpson Best Duke seems to be going prematurely bald.... It shed a little but consistently about a year ago (also about a year after getting/using) which stopped after a few months of use in rotation, but now it seems clear that the middle of the brush is thin and the performance...
  11. Blood donor

    Nuavia (Verde) averageness

    Help needed from other Nuavia users! I've had my Verde for about a year. I really want to love it given the hype and price. But apart from a great smell, the lathers are little above average, and mainly fall down in (residual) slickness. I've tried different lathering techniques but have many...
  12. Blood donor

    4 passes and 2 ATG with R41 too much?

    hi all, after a couple of years and much experimenting, I've settled on my favourite shaving setup. 2013 R41, polsilver blade, and 4 passes, including 2 ATG (on face only, one on neck). This gives me the very close shave I want, and no irritation, allowing me to repeat daily. I have dense dark...
  13. Blood donor

    Bamboozled by Burundi

    Perhaps you can help with a mystery. I get great shaves at home, even when mixing up my go-to set-up. But I just spent two days in a neighboring country and despite taking my A set-up, I got lousy shaves. My lather was good and slick, I even changed blades in case my polsilver I used the first...
  14. Blood donor

    AS / fragrance samples in UK/Europe?

    Hi all, I've come across soap/cream samples in Ireland, but no obvious sweet smelling sample source. Maggards ship from the US but nothing with alcohol in it, which cuts things down a lot. Is there any place I' missing in Ireland/UK/wider Europe that offers such AS samples? Thanks Tim
  15. Blood donor

    Hattric / Speick?

    I went to Europe and hunted for Speick. To no avail, but I found Hattric, which smelt good and cost peanuts. To my surprise, when I used it, it smelt basically like Speick. Perhaps I was willing it to be so, and I have no Speick left to compare side by side, but I'd be interested in anyone's...
  16. Blood donor

    Rough, unclose shave when travelling. Why?

    Hi all, I'm currently traveling in Europe. I have been DEing for over two years with great shaves and can't remember the last really lousy shave. But this week I've had two. I often travel with work and can get great shaves wherever I am, but Poland seems to be defeating me and I can't work out...
  17. Blood donor

    Shaving on the equator

    Greetings fellow elite shavers! Time for a journal methinks. I've been DEing for a couple of years and really enjoy everything about it. I love how I'm still learning things all the time, so I thought putting down a bit of a diary would help me progress even further and perhaps help someone out...
  18. Blood donor

    Nuavia verde?

    Hi, have (m)any of you tried this new one from PannaCrema? I know the Nuavia line is supposed to be as good as it gets, with plenty of thread action to support it, but I have not yet tried any of them and have a Verde in the post. How does it compare, including scent wise to the other two -...
  19. Blood donor

    Haslinger - how do you lather yours?

    Morning from Africa! I got some Haslinger milch recently and am getting really good shaves. But it seems different to other soaps for lathers. I always bloom hard soap while I shower, then load soap, and face lather, adding a few drops of water repeatedly as I go until I end up with the lather I...
  20. Blood donor

    Speedier stubble in summer?

    Google seems split on this one. But I've often heard, including from hairdressers, that hair grows faster in hot weather. I moved to Rwanda a few months ago and while my shaves remain the same general good standard, the stubble seems to be returning a good chunk more quickly. Better for daily...
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