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  1. mastenp

    Grizzly Brand Beard Tonic - My Newest addition to the Den

    So I ordered some Grizzly Brand Beard Tonic from their Etsy store. I have used it for about a week now and I love it. It has softened my beard nicely and no more dry skin irritation under the beard. It has definitely earned a permanent place in my Den as long as I have my beard.
  2. mastenp

    Second attempt at straight shave *Fail

    Well attempt 3 was last night with the same setup, Yeti Snot, B&B Boar brush, and my gold dollar straight. Used more water in the lather to make it slicker and had very little tugging. I found when I felt tugging I caught myself using my wrist and not locking it. In all a very successful shave...
  3. mastenp

    Wolf Whiskers (Peter) has created his ultimate masterpiece!

    That looks incredible. I can't wait to get my custom from Peter. Although it's an Xmas gift so I will have to wait a little longer.
  4. mastenp

    Second attempt at straight shave *Fail

    Wow, lots of great suggestions and advice to try. I am going to keep at it, but try with a wetter, slicker lather, and will let you know how it goes when I shave in a few days. (Sorry I am lucky enough to have a slow growth along with a job that works with a slight growth).
  5. mastenp

    Second attempt at straight shave *Fail

    So as far as the lather you would recommend more water to make it less cushion and slicker?
  6. mastenp

    What's Your Brush Today?

    B&B Essential Purple.
  7. mastenp

    What's your soap for today?

    Yeti Snot. Brrr needed the freeze with the Florida heat.
  8. mastenp

    Second attempt at straight shave *Fail

    So I tried a straight shave for a second time, but once again got frustrated and had to finish with my EJ 89. I even tried two different straights to see if one wasn't shave ready, but both seemed to tug and pull. Not giving up on this, I will get it right. Below is a pic of the setup from...
  9. mastenp

    #105 - The Down Under Den- Aus only

    I will PIF this item to an Aussie member if I am the only bid $30
  10. mastenp

    #61 Razor Blade sampler V

  11. mastenp

    #59 Razor Blade sampler III

  12. mastenp

    #65 Razor Blade sampler IX

  13. mastenp

    #52 Knife Knuts- Custom Saya

  14. mastenp

    #60 Razor Blade sampler IV

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