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  1. BGO37

    Participation PIF - The Mysterious KAI Blades

    Im in!
  2. BGO37

    How many shaves do you get out of a Derby?

    I can average about 5 shaves with the Premium.
  3. BGO37

    What Attracts You?

    Saw this in the soap section by @bluesparkuk and thought it would be a good question to add to the razor sections. What attracts you to certain razors? For me it's the history. I enjoy having and using something that could have grown with someone and helped them shave, been a Christmas or...
  4. BGO37

    It Just Neede a Good Home PIF

    If you will consider Alaska I'm in. If not, thats okay :)
  5. BGO37

    What razor blade did you use today? How many days?

    Feather (1)
  6. BGO37

    How long does shaving take for you?

    About 15 minutes. I usually dont do a ATG pass but do use some touch ups.
  7. BGO37

    Tumbling a razor

    I tumble my vintage razors with cob media. They only ones I wont do are the red and blue tips. Since the coating is fragile I dont want to chance it rubbing off, I dont know if it will or not. One thing is that razors are not a smooth as brass. You will have some spots you will have to soak...
  8. BGO37

    Which blade did you toss today? After how many uses?

    Derby Extra (4). Replaced it with a Personna Platinum and made myself feel like an fool. I was getting ready to type an apology on B&D to Derby for all the bad things I said about it, about how it was a good blade and I would use it in my SuperSpeeds. As soon as I used that Personna I...
  9. BGO37

    What razor/blade did you use today

    Personna Platinum (1) Gillette Blue Tip
  10. BGO37

    Is Witch Hazel a hoax?

    I don't think this thread went the way you meant it to.
  11. BGO37

    Is Witch Hazel a hoax?

    Don't believe everything you read on the Wiki. People have been known to put their own nonsense in there. Not saying that it doesn't hold some legitimate facts, but I wouldn't label witch-hazel a hoax. It is an astringent and the alcohol is a disinfectant. Miracle cure, no.
  12. BGO37

    Is this worth growing out?

    If you choose to keep it you may decide to shave your neck.
  13. BGO37

    When did shave soaps decline in favor of canned cream?

    Much like vinyl records and their followers, we are the hipsters of shaving. How does that make you feel?
  14. BGO37

    Global Shave Club razors...

    I found this on their FAQ - "Beside our workshop in Australia, we have several partnerships with factories in Asia to create products based on our exclusive designs and proprietary specs." It sounds like a Chinese operation to me. I feel like they would have said if they were partnered with a...
  15. BGO37

    Global Shave Club razors...

    Where are the bad reviews?! Those people often raise very good points that other either gloss over or are ignorant of.
  16. BGO37

    What is your EDC knife?

    Benchmade auto. Been a trusty companion for 5 years now.
  17. BGO37

    Badger & Blade Weight Loss Thread

    @bray144k slow and steady. I have found that road running is probably one of the most boring things ever. I have to do trail runs to keep up my interest but cant do that in the winter. Do you live in a warmer part of the world that allows you to run year round?
  18. BGO37

    College Football

    No Such Thing As A Free Lunch Edit: See what happens when I dont read all of your post. you had the acronym right there.
  19. BGO37

    What's your soap for today?

    Tonight's menu consists of; Essence of Scotland - Sweet Gale
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