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  1. jazzguy

    FS Weber DLC DE safety razor

    This is for sale not trade. I am the original owner. Purchased in 2012. Includes the Weber Classic handle and comes with original box and instruction card. The DLC coating has worn quite a bit where the handle attaches to the baseplate. This is common based on other photos I've seen of this...
  2. jazzguy

    Knife sharpening help

    I cook a lot and I'm tired of taking my knives to the sharpening guy and paying for something I'm sure I can learn to do myself. I've seen some videos on sharpening with various stones and it looks simple enough. I have some Wusthof Classic knives which I think are good. What do the members...
  3. jazzguy

    FS: Simpson Super Badger Brush

    Very nice brush, doesn't shed. Comes with box and instructions. $160 shipped in USA.
  4. jazzguy

    FS: Simpson Polo 8 Super Badger

    I am the original owner of this fantastic brush. It comes with the box and instruction card. $175 shipped in the USA.
  5. jazzguy

    WTB: Gillette Red Tip or Superspeed 1956 (B date c)ode

    My best gal's father has been particularly helpful as we are buying are first house. He recently started DE shaving and his birthday is coming up. I'd like to get him a birth year Gillette, 1956 (which I think is B code). Would prefer a Red Tip but would consider a Superspeed. Let me know if you...
  6. jazzguy

    DR Harris Windsor bath soap

    I've been hoping that they would make it. Unwrapped a fresh bar of something else just before it arrived so I'll have to wait a bit to try it. It is definitely heavily scented with Windsor.
  7. jazzguy

    Knot Change- need advice

    I have brush that had a synth knot that I didn't like and I steamed it out. The TGN Finest I bought fits snugly but the loft is going to be to high. What's the easiest way to bore the hole a little deeper (say 4-5mm) and perhaps widen the opening one mm?
  8. jazzguy

    What size knot should I buy

    I've got a brush handle in need of a knot. The opening measures 27mm. What size knot do I buy for it? I'm thinking of going with a TGN finest.
  9. jazzguy

    RazoRock Son of Zeus and San Valentino

    I received my order from Joe today and I have these soaps in hand. The Son of Zeus scent does indeed resemble Terre D'Hermes and it smells fantastic! It also seems stronger than most of the RR soaps I've used. The San Valentino also smells quite nice, with enough lemon to keep it from being too...
  10. jazzguy

    Getting paid to shave

    How much will it take for him to shave it off? http://www.cbssports.com/mlb/eye-on-baseball/23266680/razor-company-offers-brian-wilson-1-million-to-shave-beard
  11. jazzguy

    Scuttle friendly soaps

    I have been a dedicated face latherer for as long as I have been wet shaving but I recently purchased a DB1.5 scuttle. So far I've found many of my soaps are drying out when I lather them in there, even with just warm tap water in the scuttle. Does anyone have any tips for soaps that lather well...
  12. jazzguy

    Arlington Milk?

    For those of you that have tried the Harris Arlington Milk do you like it? After trying AOS I've been wanting to try more balms but most leave me face feeling a bit greasy. Is Arlington Milk scent the same as the rest of line?
  13. jazzguy

    Harris Almond is DOD at WCS

    DR Harris Almond Soap with Mahogany Bowl is the Deal of the Day at West Coast Shaving. The BandB coupon works as well for another 10% off. https://www.westcoastshaving.com/DR-Harris-Almond-Shaving-Soap-in-Mahogany-Wood-Bowl_p_265.html
  14. jazzguy

    New arrival from Rudy Vey

    I won a Rudy Vey brush in the charity auction and I really liked his work. After trying my first Shavemac brush I knew I was going to get Rudy to make a brush with one of their knots for me. The tiger striped handle is hard to come by but fortunately Rudy still had some of the material. The knot...
  15. jazzguy

    Pelikan nib help

    I recently purchased an older second hand M400. I thought it had a plain medium nib, but it has an oblique medium and I don't care for it. I've thought about a nib change but it seems to be stuck. Does anyone have a suggestion for getting it free? Failing that, could it be sent to someone and...
  16. jazzguy

    Semogue shedding

    My new 830 is loosing about 2-5 hairs every time I use it. I've used it about 10 times so far. This is my first boars brush. Is this normal?
  17. jazzguy

    Napa Soap Company

    Has anyone tried their shaving soaps? I spotted them in my local hippie mart today and the ingredients look promising.
  18. jazzguy

    Weber DLC Vs. ARC

    Is there anyone here who has both that has a preference for one or the other? I have DLC with the classic handle that is pretty much my daily shaver. I want to try the bulldog handle but I'm thinking about just getting another complete razor with the ARC head.
  19. jazzguy

    MWF with dish is deal of the day at WCS 14% off

    If you want Mitchell's with the dish WCS has it as their deal of the day. One of the finest soaps out there IMO. https://www.westcoastshaving.com/Deal-of-the-Day_ep_51-1.html
  20. jazzguy

    Hello and thanks from a newbie

    I've been lurking here for some time. I've been wetshaving for more than 15 years but was always frustrated with the shaves I got from cartridges. In the end I grew a beard and wore it for years. I decided that I like being clean shaved and in my search for something better I found this place...
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