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  1. jazzguy

    Tabac at Target

    They had it and a good selection of AOS at my local Target this week. Not sure what razor that is. EJ perhaps?
  2. jazzguy

    Shampoo bar suggestions

    I use the DR Harris shampoo bars. If you keep them in the tin they last for many months.
  3. jazzguy

    Bialetti in trouble - end of the Moka pot

    I’m just back from Italy. I happened upon a Bialetti brand store in Lucca. It was loaded with all kinds of kitchen merchandise and of course their famed moka pots. I did see a pod type machine in there so it seems like they are trying to modernize.
  4. jazzguy

    #010 Captain's Choice Bay Rum

  5. 1F994BD3-8F5A-4A77-8A5C-A51A38BF640B


    Made by Sue.
  6. jazzguy

    Expensive shave soaps, do they work any better?

    I have never found a direct relationship between price and performance in shaving soap. I just finished a tub of RR Son of Zeus which I probably paid $10 for and every shave was great. I’m working through some TFS tobacco verde right now and it performs extremely well. The La Toja shave stick is...
  7. jazzguy

    finding M&F brush replacement

    I have a similar brush from that era. The more recent Lee Sabini knots I had experience with were not like it. Like others here I don’t see what’s wrong with your brush.
  8. jazzguy

    Shavemac brush advice

    Just ditch the stand! It’s not necessary.
  9. jazzguy

    Cleaning Vintage Brushes

    I give a couple of good cleanings with hand soap and warm water. Then let the brush dry thoroughly for several days. I’m not too worried about what’s in there once it’s clean and dry.
  10. 77AF7156-FC40-4E47-975C-D327CA5D43DF


    Haslinger Meeresalgen
  11. jazzguy

    Are Pheonix Artisan Soaps good?

    This and this.
  12. jazzguy

    La Toja shaving stick first impression

    I didn’t like scent at first but I grew to like it because the soap performs beyond reproach.
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