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  1. Soopercat

    Injector Blades

    I was looking through old posts for injector blade recommendations and saw a poll. I hadn't seen any results so I thought to ask opinions of recommended brands and sources for injector blades. Kind regards,
  2. Soopercat

    Best Natural Shave stick

    By natural I mean, ingredients you get directly from plants or trees, natural. The only caveat is, it can't have almond, shea butter or oil (itchy reaction). Natural in the purist sense. Plants trees and the like. No synthesized chemicals and stabilizers. I like Arko, and was wondering if...
  3. Soopercat

    TOP 5 GEM shavers

    I'm trying to quilt together from various threads everyone's favorite gem razors. What are your top 5,6.... gems from a shave quality perspective. If it's been done, please direct me there. Kind regards,
  4. Soopercat

    Gem blades

    Hi, I am trying to figure out some costs here. At ted pella site, is it $35 rounded up for 200 or $35 pre 100 with a min., order of 200? Meaning $70 for 200 or $35 for 200? Kind regards,
  5. Soopercat

    New Olympic Gold Medal record for a host Country

    Winter Olympics record Oh Canada!!! Kind regards,
  6. Soopercat

    frictionite #24

    Hi, Does anyone else have experience with one, it's 3 5/8" X 2". I've been asked about it but can only give my experience. I find it polish's the edge better than a Norton 8K and under my microscope striation and polish looks not much different than my Chinese 12k. It has a different...
  7. Soopercat

    Milord question

    Is there and open comb version? Kind regards,
  8. Soopercat

    Painful Conus razor deal

    So, I've been looking into DE's for a change. Well my favorite razor that I don't own comes up on Ebay. For that price, if he told me I had to shave with it for a month straight and not so much as look at a DE. DONE...
  9. Soopercat

    Shave difference Aristocrats

    For those of you who have had or have both. What is the shave difference between the 1934 open comb and the 41 or 46/47 US Aristocrat razors. Kind regards,
  10. Soopercat

    Aristocrat Shave difference

    I am having an ugly time with this post. Sorry Gents,
  11. Soopercat

    W.R. Case & Sons

    I thought i would sneak up on this razor LOL, I've wanted one for about 1yr!!! Edited: no links to live auctions, please. Kind regards,
  12. Soopercat


    Okay, I performed a stupid human trick early this morning. while packing the razor, it slipped out of my hand. I pack on a very nice plush carpet, so on worries. Well I tried to catch the razor before it fell:scared: sending it across the room onto hard wood floor grrrrrr. The result bent...
  13. Soopercat

    razor fetish: huge pic's sorry

    I had/have this fascination with carbon fiber. On my motorcycle on my razors is it sexy or overkill, strange that I am referencing razors with that tone, but I hope you understand. My buddy Toxik did these up for me a while back. I may need more:crying:
  14. Soopercat

    31064 Omega Brush

    Looking to purchase this brush in Canada. Anyone seen it advertised on the web. Looking for a North American dealer that ships to Canada. Kind regards,
  15. Soopercat

    NOS MK 31 C.V. Heljestrand

    haven't seen one on ebay for awhile what do you think it would fetch. Kind regards,
  16. Soopercat

    Crown&Sword ERN 1166 trouble child

    I am about to sell my C&S. It's a great shaver but has a slight turn in the spin. It doesn't affect the shave but it's there. how do you disclose this to the seller? Thoughts? Regards,
  17. Soopercat

    Most aggressive DE/blade combination

    Hi All, Taking a break from straights for a while. I would like to know what the most aggressive DE/blade combination is in your respective opinions. Kind regards,
  18. Soopercat

    Stiff or extra firm Badger Brush

    Any recommendations for the stiffest badger brush you've ever tried. I've concluded that I like stiff/extra firm scrubby (haven't had a scratchy issues yet) badger brush. Stiff like a boar hair brush but with badger hair? Anyone run across a brush that has those characteristics after it...
  19. Soopercat

    Rooney or Shavemac

    Rooney style 2/1 small in pure or super vs Shavemac 944 or 501. For use with cream and face and or head lathering. Goal, which brush feels the firmest over the course of your shave. Any suggestions would be welcome. Kind regards,
  20. Soopercat

    Brush Question?

    I am looking for a those of you who like badger brush's scrubby and firm in nature. Loft around 45-55mm, that you think can withstand 5-6 passes without turning into a noodle mop. I shave my head, then my face and really want a badger brush that doesn't blow up after the first pass on my...
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