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  1. Tricky

    All clad cleaning

    I found a few pieces of all-clad SS with copper core that looks AWFUL. However, they are structurally sound. Tried to clean them with Bon Ami, to not avail. Any tips or tricks out there??
  2. Tricky

    Help with a well used Wee Scot

    With all the brushes I have in my den, my Simpson Wee Scot has been my sole brush for coming up on ten years. I love the size and feel of this brush. Over time though, I think I have begun to wear out the knot. The hairs just flare out now when trying to load the brush and when I am face...
  3. Tricky

    Need advice on permanent ink

    Good afternoon gents, I use a pilot VP during the day at work (pediatrics resident). Before residency, I used Iroshizuko asa-gao/kon peki. I need a professional ink that ideally would be blue or black that feathers little and is extremely permanent (for prescriptions). Can I get some suggestions??
  4. Tricky

    Sunday at the Masters

    Gentlemen, what to wear? I am struggling a great deal trying to decide what to wear. Yesterday at the par 3 tourny, it was Silver Mountain Waters. But now, I am not sure if that is what I want to wear on sunday. Options are as follows... Pen's English Fern C&S Oxford and Cambridge Creed SMW...
  5. Tricky

    Castle Forbes is the real deal

    Well, I just finished my first shave with the Lavender scented Castle Forbes and I was really surprised that the high marks are not just over-hyped excitement. I am a soap guy and I use on a weekly basis Tabac, Speick, Czech & Speake O&C, Pen's EF tallow, and AOS. I prefer a bit of a wetter...
  6. Tricky

    Tell me I'm not crazy

    So, I have fallen into the habit of matching my bath soaps to what I plan on shaving with for the day. So an example would be on Speick day, I use the Speick bar soap etc. Well, this has led me to having around 5 unique bars of soap that I keep under the sink for use on any given day. I let them...
  7. Tricky

    Rose scented tallow?

    Besides Prairie Creations, are there any other rose scented tallow soaps made?
  8. Tricky

    Black Currant scents?

    Gentlemen, I was really disappointed that I am allergic to Silver Mountain Water because I absolutely love the black currant scent. Are there any other fragrances out there that have similar black currant scents?
  9. Tricky


    Has anyone ever been allergic to a cologne? I am really worried that I may be allergic to my new Creed Silver Mountain Water!!! I have had a few samples earlier, but maybe I didn't use it enough to find out I had a reaction to it. I am not 100% sure yet, but I will be running tests throughout...
  10. Tricky

    English Fern coloration

    Good day gentlemen, I have been wondering about this for a while so I have decided to ask the board. I have two different sample bottles of Pen's English fern, one which was purchased through a second party vendor, the other which was purchased directly from Pens. The bottle's are identical...
  11. Tricky

    My birthday!

    I didn't know who else I could tell this story so I figured this would be a good place. My birthday was a bit back on the 31st. I turned 27, so I was rather tickled when my parents purchased me my first pair of cufflinks with my initials on them. They are absolutely beautiful. My father...
  12. Tricky

    Little Town Georgia

    Well gents I had to tell someone. I had to go into Metter Ga to get my Focus looked at by the dealer. When in town, I wandered into the local pharmacy, Chandler Pharmacy, to see if there was any neat shaving stuff. Well, sure enough, I was thrilled to find Wilkinson Sword blades! I am not sure...
  13. Tricky

    Soap that compliments Silver Mountain Water?

    I just picked up a small bottle of Creed's SMW and I think it is just the cat's pajama's. I use Tabac religiously as well as Pen's endymion cream superlathered with AOS unscented, but I would like to consider finding a soap that would compliment this Millesime. Any ideas?
  14. Tricky

    Penhaligon's creams

    Just out of curiosity I was wondering if anyone knew all the different flavors has Penhaligon's created for their shaving creams. Off the top of my head, here are the ones I have seen pictured or owned. Blenheim Bouquet Endymion Opus 1870 Castile Douro Any others?
  15. Tricky

    Penhaligon's Endymion Bottle

    Good day all. I enjoyed Pen's Endymion so much I finally ponied up and bought a 100ml bottle from Jim at Vintage blades. Well, after amazingly fast shipping (and some awesome pen's samples to boot!) I received it today. After tearing through it, I became slightly disappointed. I found that the...
  16. Tricky

    Today is the day!

    Gentleman, I am just finishing watching a few videos of people shaving with the straight razor and I think I may have sufficiently built up the courage. My razor and strop came in from Kenrup and now is the time! I about to go hop in the shower, lather up with Tabac, and take all the time in...
  17. Tricky

    Neat hotel find

    My younger brother is swimming in a huge meet up in Atlanta this weekend and I tagged along to watch him rock out. After checkin into the hotel (Wingate Wyndam), I had to use the young lad's room. Upon walkin in, I unconsciously looked at the soaps and was startled by a very familiar looking...
  18. Tricky

    Not the same Tabac poll

    When smelling Tabac, I don't get any of the tobacco and I wonder if that is because I occasionally smoke. So that got me wondering if there is any correlation between smoking and the enjoyment of the Tabac scent. I think this should prove interesting. Please participate!
  19. Tricky

    Shave stick questions

    Good day all! Well, I have found a chink in my daily shaving armor. I came home to visit the rents for the week and found that it is a pain to travel with all the necessary shaving items. I think it would be best for me to pick up a shave stick or two. So, I have a few questions 1) I love...
  20. Tricky

    Best coconut soap?

    Title says it all. I have a hankering for a coconut smelling soap so I am looking for some suggestions. Thanks y'all
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